Are You Attracted By The “No Profit, No Brokerage” Ads?, Do Remind Of Your Goal Before Investing

As many retail investors are entering into the stock market post covid moment, many investors are looking for cheap stock broker companies.

As retail investors don’t have such knowledge on brokerage companies, they are getting attracted to “No Profit, No Brokerage” advertisements displaying in the digital media.

While investing in the stock market, the investor should select convenient platform to trade in shares even though their brokerages are high.

As an investor your aim is to gain profits, then why are you bothering to pay a minute brokerage fee?If you are interested to pay “Zero Brokerage” then why are you investing in the stock market?

The ultimate goal of investing is to earn “Profits” Even though share trading involves risk, your intention is to earn profits. In this investment journey you may loose sometimes, but you should learn from such lessons and trade properly to earn profits.

If you are satisfied with that “you don’t have to pay brokerage when you got loss” means you yourself claiming that you are loser in the stock market.

Instead what you have to do is select the right brokerage firm with decades of expertise, utilise their services and make use of their trading calls(if any) and be a “Winner” in the stock market. Never compromise on the standards of the brokerage firms, you are investing because you want to earn profit and not thinking on the minute brokerage fee if you suffered loss.

As your entered the stock market to “earn gains”, select a best brokerage company(even though their charges are slightly higher)learn from your past trades and be a successful investor.

Your job is to select best SEBI registered broker from thousands of brokerage firms available in the market, utilise their services and earn profits in your trading. This would be your ultimate goal rather than choosing a cheap trading platform where you may face issues in trading due to their poor service. So Jaago Investor! Jagoo!

Disclaimer- This information is only to intimate the need of selecting a best broker house. The above information is not to criticise any broker house, our intention is to alert new retail investors on the purpose of stock market investing and their behavior towards selecting a best broker house. This information is purely a general advice and not to critise anyone. Please understand the intention of the article

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