Do You Have Surplus Money? Want To Invest It For Long Term? Consider “Union Green Deposit Scheme”

All are aware that bank fixed deposits(FD)interest rates are declining in recent times and there is a belief that it might fall further!

Do you have surplus money but worried on the falling interest rates?Don’t worry! You can still gain higher returns, but the only condition to be met is “You have to deposit your money for 1111 Days“.

As there is a chance that interest rates falls steeply in the coming years, there is no alternative except to unlock this offer. To know more read the full details below-

Product NameUnion Green Deposit
Purpose of The Deposit1. Saving Stationery cost and to Promote digital transactions
2.Invests in ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance)Framework projects on your behalf
Opened Through“U-Mobile” app only
Period of Deposit1111 Days
Amount Acceptable50,000 Rupees(Minimum) to 1,99,99,999 rupees(Maximum)
Rate of Interest5.50%
Additional Rate of Interest1 .Senior Citizens-0.50%
2. Retired Staff-1.50%
Interest Calculation Types1. For “DRIC Schemes” interest will be calculated Quarterly compounded and paid at the end of the tenure
2. For “FDR Schemes” interest will be paid monthly as per the instruction given by the customer
Penalty1% would be charged for premature closure of the deposit
Auto-Renewal PermittedNo. The Maturity Proceeds will be credited directly to the linked savings a/c

So if you are a Union Bank Customer and wants to grab the offer, invests in the “Union Green Deposit” Scheme through your “U-Mobile app”

Do remember that Nomination Facility is available at the time of opening this a/c. So why late? Make use of this scheme

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