Unable To Bear Higher Insurance Premiums? Don’t Worry! PhonePe Offers Health Insurance at Just 999Rupees Per Year

Till Covid, Indians neglects health insurance assuming that there is no such need for them today! But whenever Covid affects humankind, People realise the need of health insurance as a protection shield to their finances.

But even today, some people refuses to take health insurance as they can’t bear such higher premiums. Even though it is fact that some insurance providers charge higher premiums, they are some insurance providers/apps offering affordable health insurance premiums, Still not trusting? Read the full story-

You Can Take Health Insurance Policy From PhonePe @999 Rupees/Year-

Yes, You heard right! PhonePe is the first digital app to provide health insurance at 999 Rupees/Year for health coverage up to 1 Lakh Rupees

Inclusions covered under 999 Plan

  • Health Coverage up to 1 Lakh Rupees
  • Linked to more than 7,600 Network Hospitals
  • Covers DayCare, Ayush, Ambulance Expenses
  • Covers Critical ICU Expenses

There are other plans offered by PhonePe! Same benefits would be applicable to this plans too! Only difference is increase in health coverage. They are-

PlanHealth Coverage(Sum Assured)
Plan 19992,00,000
Plan 26493,00,000
GST Rates May apply

If you like to avail higher health coverage, consider these two plans offered by PhonePe. Please note that applicable GST Rates may apply at check-out

Let us discuss the process to avail the service-

  • Open PhonePe app in your smartphone
  • Click on “Insurance” Tab on the home page
  • Select Your Preferred Health Insurance Package(999/1999/2649)
  • Enter Your Name, age, Date of Birth, Gender and email details
  • Make Payment through Your PhonePe UPI Id
  • After Successful Payment, You will receive Confirmation Message claiming that you have subscribed for the health insurance policy

In this digital world, UPI apps are not only for making sundry expenses, Infact you can utilise your PhonePe app to protect you and your families from health issues by taking a health policy instantly. Try This!

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