Now You Can Save, Trade and Invest Through SBI 3 in 1 a/c

SBI is a leading government sponsored bank in India with largest customer base till date. Even though SBI offers various facilities, many investors are preferring to take private companies demat and trading accounts.

As new investors are rushing to invest in stock market, there arises the need of maintaining trading and demat a/c’s seperately. For the sake of the customers SBI plans to offer a unique 3 in 1 savings a/c which offers –

  • Savings
  • Trading
  • Demat a/c(Holding of shares in Demat Form)

So from now-onwards investors need not rely on different a/c’s for trading and investing. Noticing the demand, SBI offers this unique 3-in-1 a/c to cater the investing needs of the investors.

So Grab the offer and make use of this deal. Consult your nearest SBI Branch and enquire on this 3-in-1 savings product and make your transactions safely and easily.

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