Smart Shopping Ideas

We all do shopping in our day-to-day life. Due to surge in internet usage, shopping trend has been changed completely to online! It is no surprise that even a teenager doing online shopping today.

But when we closely observe shopping habits of the people it is fact that Indians are “Over-spending” beyond their means. This is due to “Trap” by the corporate companies and e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites are traping consumers by attractive cashbacks and discounts. Getting attracted to cashbacks, naturally Indians are over-spending than what they really needed.

To avoid this shopping trap consumers must strictly follow some paths. To know what they are, read the rest story-

  • You should prepare a “Wishlist” before shopping. You should not do shopping beyond that list
  • You should have an idea on the shopping bill. Make sure you don’t shop beyond that budget
  • While preparing a wishlist, communicate with your family members share everyone’s needs and finally prepare a wishlist for that month
  • While preparing a list distinguish the items between “Needs” and “Wants” and prefer to buy only needy items
  • If your children are not supporting, try to spend 20% of your shopping amount and not beyond that
  • While e-commerce sites are offering great indian festivals, you should not get attracted by the offers. Purchase only needy items and try to control your emotions
  • You should save some money for your wanted items from few days, months before you shop. Thenonly you will realise the “Hardship” for the money you spent
  • It is a “Trap” offering cashbacks. It indirectly makes you “Over-spend” than what you needed
  • Buying unnecessary items to avail cashback offers would ruin your financial health. Instead make use of the cashbacks for only your needed items.
  • Avoid repeated purchases on seeing discount offers received on your phones and emails. For best use “Unsubscribe” from the mailing lists of the e-commerce sites
  • Before making bulk purchases think twice whether it is really needed, how many times do you use it, isn’t there any alternative to that product? After asking this 3 questions and still you need that item then only purchase that item.
  • Don’t swipe your credit/debit cards unnecessarily at POS Terminals as you won’t have “Real Feeling” of losing money. Instead use liquid cash to bear the “Pain” of huge spending

By following the above rules, you could save a lot of money which would be useful for your future goals

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