Are You A IPPB Customer? Bad News For You! You Have To Bear High Transaction Charges From January 1st,2022

This is really a shocking news to IPPB(India Post Payments Banks) Customers. Already people are suffering with high “Inflationary Costs” due to corona, now it’s turns of the financial institutions laying “Burden” on the common man.

Already Banks announced that ATM charges will be hiked from January 1st,2022 in addition to gas cylinder and petrol prices.For Those who are relying on minimal salaries, it is a hard one to digest on the prices hike.

Recently Government run organisation IPPB(India Post Payments Bank)is all set to hike transaction charges with effect from from January1st, 2022. To know about the transaction charges in detail read the rest story.

IPPB Proposed Transaction Charges(With effect from January1st,2022)

  • Number of Free Transactions Allowed(Per Month)-4
  • Maximum Withdrawal Amount-25,000 Rupees(Without Charges Per Month)
  • Cash Withdrawal Charges(Beyond Free Transactions)-Minimum 25 Rupees and 0.50% Charge on the Withdrawal amount
  • Maximum Cash Deposit(Without Charges)-10,000 Rupees Per Month
  • Service Charge on Cash Deposit(Beyond Free Limit)-25 Rupees or 0.50% whichever is applicable

These are the proposed transaction charges which are going to be implemented from January1st,2022. So plan your transactions accordingly

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