SBI Offers Agriculture Gold Loan Through Yono App

India’s leading public sector bank SBI offers bumper offer to farmers. To cater the agriculture needs SBI offers instant gold loan approval if applied through SBI Yono app.

By applying through Yono app, farmers gets faster loan approval and option to select the loan repayment tenure. To get an overview of this agri-gold loan read the full story-

SBI Agri-Gold Loan Features-

  • Applicable To- Farmers only
  • Collateral Security- Gold Ornaments of 24 , 22, 20 and 18 carats
  • Applicability on Gold Coins- Permitted upto 50 grams of bank gold coins
  • Loan Availability on Gold Bars- Not Applicable
  • Interest Rate Applicable- Starts from 7% Per Annum onwards
  • Loan Repayment Tenure- Can select as per farmer’s interest through Yono app

If you are a farmer and need of emergency cash, visit SBI Yono app for faster approval of your gold loan. Make use of your “silent asset”(Gold Coins, Ornaments) into “Productive Asset” which will provide liquid cash instantly. So make use of the offer.

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