FD Interest Rates Of All Popular Banks

There is no strange on all Indians knowing the saving instrument Fixed Deposit(FD). Due to its secure and predictable maturity value many Indians are preferring to do FD’s even today.

Inspite of falling interest rates in the recent times, due to its safety nature many savers(not investors)are doing FD’s. Whatever the savers intention may be FD is a good option to save for short term needs. FD’s can also be used for emergency needs as it can be easily encashed on any bank working day.

Let’s discuss the current interest rates of all popular banks in detail-

Bank NameMorethan 6 Months to Less than 1 Year1Year to 2 Years2 Years to 3 Years3 Years to 5 Years
State Bank of India(SBI)4.455.105.30
Canara Bank4.
Union Bank of India4.
Axis Bank4.
HDFC Bank4.
ICICI Bank4.455.25.4
Kotak Mahindra Bank4.
Karur Vysya Bank4.
IDFC First Bank4.755.255.756
SouthIndian Bank4.
Indian Bank4.
Punjab National Bank4.455.15.25
Bank of Baroda4.455.15.25
Central Bank of India4.25555
UCO Bank4.4555.05
Dhanalakshmi Bank4.
RBL Bank5.2566.36.3
as of Dec25th,2021

Please note that the above interest rates are gathered from the official websites of the banks and are subject to change from time to time.

Do visit your preferred bank branch and enquire on the latest fd rates applicable at that point of time.(Interest Rate applicable on the day of the deposit)

Senior citizens will be entitled 0.5% extra interest on FD’s where as SBI offers 0.80% extra interest rate(0.5%+0.30% extra interest for SBI “WeCare Deposit”). Do visit your bank for more details

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