ICICI Prudential Offers Term Plan With Survival Benefits Too

Generally Term Plans don’t provide survival benefits; They only provide “Risk Coverage”(Death Benefits) This lags many to opt for term insurance as their money would be wasted if they were alive at the end of the tenure.

Exactly for that type of attitude people, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance comes with a new plan- “ICICI Prudential I Protect Return of Premium”. To know more about this policy read the full story-

ICICI Prudential I Protect Return Of Premium Policy Features- Assured Return of 105% of Premium Paid will be returned under this Policy subject to-

  • The insured can opt for “Lifestage Cover”(Coverage Reduces as the insured age increases)or opt for “Level Coverage”(Risk Coverage is fixed); can select either of the two
  • Under “Lifestage Option” risk coverage gradually decreases as per age
  • Nominees will be entitled sum assured in case of unfortunate death during the policy term or if the insured is alive at the end of the term return of premium will be awarded as per the firms terms and conditions
  • Covers 64 Critical illness diseases
  • Critical illness diseases like Heart Diseases and Cancer will be covered under this policy

If you are interested in this policy, consult ICICI Prudential Life Insurance company to opt for the scheme.

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