Government Slashed LPG Cylinder Rates On The Eve Of New Year

Central Government slashed LPG Cylinder rates! Yes you heard right! From the past few months customers are continuosly seeing hike in LPG Cylinder Prices, with this news it brings relief to the consumers.

But Hold on! LPG Cylinder rate Decline is not for every one! Currently it is applicable to “Commercial LPG Cylinder”consumers only. Though this rate slash is not for everyone it brings lot of relief to streetfood owners, restaurent and Tea Stall owners.

This decision of rate slash is applicable with immediate effect(January1st,2022). This news definitely boosts the sentiment of restaurent and street food owners as they are suffering losses from the past 1-1.5 years due to corona effect .

As per the notification released by the oil companies and central government LPG Cylinder Rates are as follows-

19 Kgs Commercial LPG Cylinder Applicable CityRate(in Rupees)

Do remember the above rates are for commercial LPG Cylinders and applicable with immediate effect(January1st,2022)

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