Haven’t You Submitted Jeevan Pramaan Certificate Till Now?There’s Still a Chance! You Can Submit Upto Feb Monthend

It is well known that pensioners have to submit jeevan praman certificate(Life Certificate)every year in November for easy disbursals of pension every month.

For that they(Pensioners)have to visit bank branch or any authorised pension seva centers to authorise their biometrics. This process is to be repeated every year in november to claim their “Physical Status”.

But due to covid most of the pensioners find it difficult to submit life certificate physically. Keeping their troubles and hardships in accessing Jeevan Pramaan Certificate, Central Government has extended the deadline to December 31st,2021.

But due to resurgence of covid variant omicron Modi Government once again extended the deadline to February28th,2022. This was implemented to give relief to senior citizens(Pensioners)who didn’t submit their life certificate till now and it is said to be a final call to submit their life certificate by February28th,2022.

So Senior Citizens(Pensioners)don’t wait for too long to submit your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate. Already Central Government extended Deadline twice so it is a wake-up call to submit your life certificate as soon as possible. Do remember the last date to submit the same is February28th,2022. So plan your acts accordingly.

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