How To Avail Personal Loan Through SBI Yono App

Sometimes we all are in need of emergency cash. For that under no alternative some of us rely on “Personal Loans” Though it is not a good loan(interest rate is very high)it is said to be only alternative for emergency needs.

But visiting bank premises multiple times for taking personal loan makes many uninterested to opt for personal loan as it is long time consuming process. For such attitude of people India’s leading Bank SBI Brought good news!

Yes you heard right! SBI Customer can avail Personal Loan at their finger tips. They can apply through SBI Yono app and avail instant personal loan approval within few minutes.

Process To Avail Personal Loan Through SBI Yono app

  • Log-on to your SBI Yono app
  • Click “Avail Now” option under Drop-Down Menu
  • Select Time Period and Loan Amount as per your need
  • OTP(One Time Password)will be sent to the registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and instantly funds(Loan Amount)would be credited

In this way you can avail Personal Loan through SBI Yono app. It is an easy,convenient and paper-less process. Try this once

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