Now You Can Avail Personal Loan 24*7

Though it is strange to hear that you can avail personal loans round the clock 24*7, it is real fact! Surprised?Are you wondering how is it possible? Read the full story-

You may be surprised that banks will work 6 days a week(in some cases 5 days a week)how is it possible to avail loan 24*7- Do you had this doubt first refresh your mind. It’s digital era today, all the transactions are being done online, then why not loans?

You can avail Personal Loan Round the Clock-12 Months, 365 Days, 52 Weeks,24*7 through SBI Yono app. The additional features offered through SBI Yono app are-

  • You can avail Personal Loan with just 4 clicks
  • Instant Loan will be provided
  • No need to visit bank branch
  • No need to submit physical documents
  • As a trial offer, Processing Fee is waived-off till January31st,2022
  • Interest Rate Starts From 9.60% Per Annum Onwards

After seeing such unique features, why late? Logon to SBI Yono app and make use of the service 24*7

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