From Now Onwards Mutual Fund Companies Have To Disclose Statutory Disclaimer in Detail

We all aware of the mutual fund compaigns disclosing statutory disclaimer in a hurry. Even in the advertisment”Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” campaign it is intended to attract investors rather than informing the risks involved in the form of statutory disclaimer.

Central Minister Piyush Goyal objects this activity. He instructed all the amc’s to disclose statutory disclaimer in detailed and understandable way. He added-

“Up to now All the Asset Management Companies(AMC’s)are not diclosing disclaimers in an understandable way. They are deeming investors that mutual fund investments are always profitable and there would be no probability of loss. From here onwards it should be clearly notified that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks and amc’s would not be responsible for the loss incurred due to market movements”

All the Stock Broking companies and Asset Management Companies have to strictly follow this guidelines and they should disclose disclaimer as equal as information in the advertisement. The disclaimer would be given equal weightage in displaying the ads.

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