Want To Avail 5GB Data For Free? Here’s a Chance From BSNL

Government Run Telecom Provider BSNL comes with an amazing deal to new customers. Already BSNL announced 2399 Rupees Plan with 90 days extended validity beyond 365 days. In addition to this offer BSNL aims at bulls eye targeting new customers. To know the details read the rest story-

BSNL offers 5GB Data/Month For Free But Subject to “Terms and Conditions”

  • This offer is exclusively for “New Customers” Porting from other telecom operators. That means to avail 5GB Data freely you have to switch to BSNL by mobile portability
  • This offer is applicable till January 15th across all Indian state circles

Terms and Conditions Applicable To Avail 5GB Data Freely

  • New Customers who are interested to join BSNL family have to share #switchto BSNL concept through their official facebook and twitter pages
  • They have to follow official BSNL FaceBook Page(@bsnl corporate)and Twitter(@BSNLCorporate)Pages
  • They have to share their feelings why they are porting to BSNL through social media platforms
  • They have to share screenshots of all the above activities to 9457086024 from the proposed porting mobile number
  • By checking all these and as per BSNL’s discretion 5GB Data will be provided to the new customers freely.

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