Shocking News To PNB Customers! PNB Service Charges Are Going To Hike!

PNB(Punjab National Bank) is one of the leading government sponsored public sector bank with nationwide network.

To manage operating expenses banks levy service charges on their customers. PNB is no more exception to this! Infact PNB is going to hike service charges with effect from January15th,2022. Though it was a good news for bank shareholders, general customers have to bear the “Pain” in the form of “Service Charges”

PNB Proposed Service Charges With Effect From January15th,2022

Transaction TypeCurrent Service Charge(in Rupees)Proposed Service Charge(w.e.f 15thJanuary2022)
Minimum Balance5000 10,000 Rupees(Metro)
Charges For Non-Mainenance of Minimum Balance(Per Quarter)200400 Rupees(Rural and Semi Urban)
Charges For Non-Maintenace of Minimum Balance300600 Rupees(Metro and Urban)
Closure of Current a/c600800 Rupees(If closed within 14 Days of a/c Opening)
Closure of Current a/cNilNil(After 1 Year of a/c Opening)
Free Transactions Allowed53
Service Charge Beyond Free Transactions2550 Rupees
Savings and Current a/c Transaction Limit Per Day2 Lakhs1 Lakh
Locker RentApplicable as Per The Size of The Locker500 Rupees excess to the current applicable locker rent
Free Locker Visits Per Year1512
Charges on Locker Opening Beyond the Threshold LimitN.A100 Rupees Per Transaction Beyond 12 Visits Per Year
Per Year

Do remember the above charges are applicable with effect from January 15th,2022 where PNB Customers have to bear the pain in the form of service charges. Be Ready and Plan your Transactions accordingly.

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