IRDAI Warns Insurance Companies Not To Object On The Covid Claims Arising During Anti-Bodies Treatment

we all know that IRDAI(Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) acts a watchdog in controlling insurance companies activities. It(IRDAI)has the right to instruct on rights and duties of insurance providers.

As covid cases are rising currently in India IRDAI notices some insurance companies are rejecting to provide insurance benefits in the treatment of “Anti-Bobies CockTail”. From now onwards as per IRDA instructions insurance companies can’t reject claims of anti-bodies cocktail in the process of covid treatment

Anti-Bodies Cocktail is proved to be given “Better Results” in covid treatment. Upto now insurance companies are treating anti-bodies treatment as “Experimental Treatment” but from now this treatment should also be covered under insurance coverage. IRDAI recalls that anti-bodies treatment is considered as “Emergency Consumption Substitute” and all the claim settlements should be honoured under this clause- Ordered by IRDAI in public domain.

Thatmeans From Now Onwards Anti-Body Cocktail Expenses are too included in the insurance coverage of covid treatment and the insurance provider has no right to reject the claim on this basis.

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