Central Government Acquired Majority Stake in Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea is once a leading telecom provider and as days passby it’s business has underwent into deep troubles as Jio enters the market as Tsunami. vodafone idea has no alternative except to find a strong leader to run their ongoing business.

Previously This Joint companies Vodafone and Idea runs their business as two seperate entities but to get stronger they were merged into single unit- Vodafone Idea. But their business is not upto the expected mark.

Surprisingly Modi Government made to proposal to Vodafone Idea to be a part of their undertaking. As per the sources Vodafone Idea is ready to accept the central government proposal. But as per the trusted sources modi government is putting some allegations and conditions to Vodafone Idea where the deal is to be under Majority Stake acquisition by the central government.

This deal is going to be approved and sooner Vodafone Idea is managed and controlled by the central government.

Disclaimer- This site’s intention is to provide information on the deal and not intented to criticise, blame any organisation(s). The above information is obtained from trusted sources and we are not intented to make cheap on any organisation.

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