On Budget Day, Oil Companies Have Reduced Rates of Commercial Gas Cylinders; Domestic Gas Cylinder Rates Remains Unchanged

A common man is striving hard to bear the high inflationary rates in India. Many people are finding hard to meet their day-to-day expenses in these covid times. Many companies are encashing this “opportunity” to levy heavy charges on their goods. LPG Cylinder is no exception to this.

From the past 1-1.5 years LPG Cylinder prices have reached skytop levels. Common Man is in deep financial troubles to survive due to hike in cylinder and petrol prices. As all business activities are connected with LPG Cylinders and Petrol Prices, naturally all prices have grown-up.

On Budget Day(February 1st,2022)oil companies gave some relief to LPG Cylinder Consumers. Wait, wait- This relief is not given to all, only “Commercial Cylinder Rates have been slashed”. Common man is expecting reduction of rates on domestic cylinders too! They are expecting it sooner on the eve of assembly elections in the coming months.

As of now Commercial LPG Cylinder Rates have been slashed. The new rates are applicable with immediate effect(February 1st,2022). The new rates are as under-

  • Chennai- 2,080.50(Two Thousand and Eight Hundred and Fifty Paisa)
  • Kolkata-1987 Rupees
  • Mumbai-1857 Rupees
  • Delhi-1907 Rupees

Do note that the above rates are applicable for “Commercial LPG Cylinders” only(not for domestic usage cylinders)

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