SBI Alert To It’s Customers

We all know that SBI(State Bank of India) is a leading public-sector bank backed by government ownership. As a result almost all government’s financial transactions are being done through SBI Branches.

Being a government undertaking bank, SBI is committed to follow government’s guidelines from time-to-time. So it’s the duty of the SBI to alert their customers on the on-going events.

As Central Government has made it mandatory to link one’s pan with one’s aadhar, SBI started informing to link their customer’s Pan with Aadhar. It also warns that- Central Government has extended the deadline several times due to covid effect and this time don’t expect further extension. It is going to be ended on March 31st,2022. “

So SBI alerted their customers to- “Link their Pan with their Aadhar Number on or before March 31st,2022” SBI also warns that -“if they didn’t link their Pan with Aadhar before the due date(March 31st,2022)customers have to face insignificant inconvenience to do financial transactions further”. So it is better to update your Pan with Aadhar at the earliest to avoid further inconvenience.

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