Customers Be Prepared To Complete Your Banking Transactions in Advance! There Might Be a Bank Strike in The Coming Days

Today every individual is dependent on bank transactions for their personal and day-to-day business activities. Even though today’s banking transactions are transformed into online transactions, there might be need of banking professionals in emergencies.

We can’t imagine a day without doing financial transactions. Especially in this wedding season(February 2022)it’s importance is relevant. So in precaution in advance we are advising all the bank customers to complete their banking transactions before February 3rd week!

Why we have to complete our banking transactions in advance?

We all know that banks follows 2nd and 4th saturday’s as holidays in addition to public holidays and sundays. Almost 5,6 days of a month(including regional festivals)would be bank holidays every month.

But this February 2022 there might be 2 additional holidays which hurts customers day to day transactions. The reason for inconvenience is-

“All Banks have decided to call-on strike on February 23rd, 24th to fulfill their demands to protest central government’s activities”

That means bank customers can’t do banking transactions on those 2 days(23rd,24th February 2022)in addition to existing 9 bank holidays in February 2022(Total 11 holidays, if there is a strike)so bank customers don’t delay your transactions, Plan your cash transactions in advance!

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