Wanted Slightly Higher Returns Than Normal Bank F.D’s? Consider Company Fixed Deposits

As we all are aware that bank fixed deposits interest rates are at lowest levels, people(especially senior citizens)who are relying on interest income are finding it hard to survive in this highly inflationary country.

For those who wants to gain higher returns than bank fixed deposits can consider “Corporate Fixed Deposits”. But do remember that corporate(company)fixed deposits carries higher risk than normal bank fixed deposits as they may be subject to insolvent(in some cases)at maturity.

So if you have medium to high risk appetite and aiming for better returns, you can consider corporate(company)fixed deposits. Do remember that you are lending your hard earned money to a corporate company and are subject to risk. Do proper research on company’s financial situation and then lend money to them only if you are confident that company is in sound financial position.

Let’s consider some corporate fixed deposits which are AAA Rated by crisil; an independent research organisation.

Corporate Fixed DepositRate of interestTenure
HDFC6.70%99 Months
Mahindra Finance6.45%48 Months
Sundaram Home Finance5.80%36 Months
LIC Housing Finance6%5 Years
Sundaram Finance5.80%48 Months
ICICI Home Finance6.70%84 Months
Shriram Transport Finance7.48%5 Years
Bajaj Finance6.80%3 Years

Disclaimer- The above data is only for informative purpose and you should do your own research on these corporate companies before investing your hard earned money. The only criteria taken to recommend this f.d’s are they are AAA Rated by Crisil and this should not be taken as sole criteria to pick one corporate company. Do your own independent research yourselves before taking a decision.

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