Are You Aware of ICICI Bank’s Golden Years Deposit Scheme?-An Exclusive Scheme For Senior Citizens

It might be good news for senior citizens that banks are coming with special F.D schemes with attractive interest rates. Already India’s leading public sector bank SBI has introduced “SBI-We Care” deposit which offers additional interest exclusively for senior citizens.

As SBI rolled-out “We-Care” deposit scheme till September 30,2022, India’s leading private sector bank ICICI has come-out with “Golden Years” Deposit Scheme.

ICICI Golden Years Deposit Scheme Details

  • ICICI Golden Years deposit scheme comes into effect from January 20, 2022
  • This scheme is valid till April 8th,2022
  • Minimum Deposit Term should be 5 Years or more and up to 10 Years
  • Interest Rate applicable is 6.35% under Golden Years deposit scheme while the normal interest rates applicable for the same tenure would stand at 5.60%
  • Additional Interest Rate of 0.75% applicable under this scheme when compared to normal F.D’s
  • Penalty of 1.25% would be applicable if the customer(Senior Citizen)cancels the deposit prematurely
  • All the Terms and Conditions remains same if the customer withdraws his deposit within 5 Years 1 day and before 10 Years

So if you are a senior citizen and are interested to do F.D in ICICI Bank; go ahead! Avail the offer at your nearest ICICI Branch and make use of the scheme. Do remember the scheme is valid till April 8th,2022. So make use of the scheme at the earliest.

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