Aiming To Do Digital Transactions But Not Having Smart Phone?From Now-Onwards You Can Do UPI Payments With Your Feature Phone Too

Now-a-days UPI Payments has became part of one’s life. But still today so many people are far away from that dream as smart phone is needed to do UPI Payments. Even though smart phone prices have been dropped, still there are lakhs of Indians who can’t bear such expenses. So will it be a “Dream Forever” on utilising UPI interface in future too? The answer is- Absolutely No!

To encourage digital payments RBI Governor Shakti Kanth Das has come-out with new feature-“UPI123Pay” which enables UPI Transactions on featured phones that too without internet facility! Surprised! But it is possible now. To know how would it be possible read the rest story

How To Register For UPI Payments on Featured( Ordinary)Phones

  • Dial *99# from your featured phone to select your bank a/c
  • That Bank a/c too should be registered with the same mobile number
  • Now Enter last 6 digits of your debit card number
  • Enter Expiry Date details
  • Now set New UPI Pin and confirm
  • That’s it! You can utilise UPI Payments from your featured phone from then onwards

How To Transfer Money(Funds)From Your Feature Phone Through UPI

  • Dial *99# from your registered mobile number
  • Your phone prompts for some options of which you have to select “Send Money” Option by pressing 1 on your key pad
  • Your Phone displays some options with options- 1. Mobile Number-1, UPI ID-3, Saved Beneficiary-4, IFSC Code-5
  • Select your preferred option by pressing the keypad you wish to use for UPI Transfer
  • As per your pressed keypad you will be redirected to cross-check your credentials once again
  • If all are in order enter “UPI Pin” and make payment
  • You will get an confirmation sms to your registered mobile number with reference number confirming your payment
  • Save the reference number for further use

That’s it! In this way you can do UPI Payments even with ordinary phones that too without internet facility.

Currently this feature is enabled with 41 Nationalised Banks where You can make UPI Payments with all GSM Mobile Handsets in 12 regional languages including English and Hindi. Try it once!

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