Axis Bank Revises F.D Interest Rates With Immediate Effect

Here’s a Good news for retail depositors for those who are disappointed on the lower interest rates in the recent times. Slowly banks are raising F.D(Fixed Deposit) interest rates of which we are going to discuss on India’s leading private sector bank- “Axis Bank”.

Even though Axis Bank revises fixed deposit interest rates recently on March 17th,2022 with a view to encourage savers Axis Bank has decided to revise interest rates on 1 Year 11 Days, 1 Year 25 Days deposits only this time.

For the convenience of the retail customers we are providing Axis Bank Fixed Deposits Interest Rates at a glance. Have a look at them-

Deposit TenureInterest Rate Applicable
7 Days to 29 Days2.50%
1 To 3 Months3%
3 To 6 Months3.50%
6 To 12 Months4.40%
Greater Than 1 Year But Less Than 1 Year 5 Days5.10%
Greater Than 1 Year 5 Days But Less Than 1 Year 11 Days5.15%
Greater Than 1 Year 11 Days But Less Than 1 Year 25 Days5.30%
Greater Than 1 Year 25 Days to 15 Months5.15%
Greater Than 15 Months to 18 Months5.20%
Above 18 Months to 2 Years5.25%
2 To 3 Years5.40%
5 To 10 Years5.75%

These interest rates are applicable with immediate effect. So if you are an Axis Bank customer rush to your nearest branch and make use of the deal. Grab the offer at the earliest if you have lumpsum money and aiming for secured and guaranteed return.

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