Are You in Need of Cash Transactions at Banks? Hurry! Banks are Remain To Close For 6 Days in The Coming 8 Days

Even though all bank transactions are transformed into digital today, some times we need to visit bank branches for cash dealings. If you are in need of urgent cash?Then hurry! Banks are remain to close for 6 days in the upcoming 8 days(Holidays may vary according to regional states)

Official Bank Holidays released by RBI

  • March 26th- Bank Holiday due to 4th Saturday
  • March 27th- Sunday
  • March 28th- Bank Strike proposed by all India bankers association
  • March 29th- Consecutive bank strike by bankers
  • April 1st- Annual Closing of accounts
  • April 2nd- Ugadi( Telugu New Year- Holiday in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)

So from the above, we can observe that from March 25th(Today) banks are going to work for only 3 days(March 25th, 30th,31st)Remaining days banks will remain to close. So plan your cash transactions at the earliest!

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