Bank Employees suggests to withdraw cash in advance on the eve of nationwide strike

We all depend on banks for our day to day cash transactions. Generally after week-ends bank branches are filled with heavy crowds which makes customers feel uncomfortable those days. We all know that 2nd and 4th saturday are bank holidays following sundays current one March 26th, 2022 being 4th saturday generally customers are in cash-crunch. They are planning to rush to bank branches on 28th March, 2022 but the notification released by the banks makes customers worrisome.

As per the notification released by the All India Bankers Association- “Bank employees are going-on to pass nationwide strike on March28th,29th against central government’s action to privatise banks.” During these two days bank transactions may be impacted so customers are advised to withdraw cash from ATM’s(Automatic Teller Machine)at the earliest to fulfill their daily needs.

So customers are advised to withdraw cash from their nearest ATM’s if they are in a need of cash. As we are nearing to close financial year and April 1st being bank holiday (due to annual closing of accounts)and April 2nd&3rd being holidays(April 2nd- Regional holiday in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana- Telugu New Year)April3rd being sunday banks are going to shut.

That means March30,31st are only working days for banks. If you need cash in the upcoming month, rush to your nearest ATM and withdraw cash at the earliest so that your finances won’t be hurt even in bank holidays. So plan accordingly!

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