On the instructions of TRAI, Jio introduces calender month validity plans

We all know that there is heavy competition between Jio and Airtel telecom providers. Infact they are competing neck-to-neck in terms of holding subscribers month-on-month.

You may notice that these two telecom operators Jio and airtel are considering 28 days(4 weeks)as a month and alerting their subscribers to recharge their plans post 28 days.

This was bring to the notice of TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)which has the authority to command telecom operators. TRAI took it serious on considering 28 days as a month and ordered Jio and airtel to upgrade their monthly plans to 30 days.

Considering the telecom regulatory authority request India’s leading Mobile Operator Jio has decided to upgrade their monthly plans to 30 days. So from here onwards Jio subscribers need not recharge their phones post 28 days instead they should recharge their respective plans after completing 30 days from their initial recharge date.

This news is really a feast to Jio subscribers as they get some expenses relief from current rising petrol, LPG Cylinders prices. So Jio customers from now onwards do recharge your Jio plans only after completing 30 days(month from your initial recharge)

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