Know the Bank Holidays in April 2022 in advance and plan your cash dealings accordingly!

We all depend on Banks for cash dealings. Even though today’s bank transactions are being done mostly through online, there might be need to visit bank branches sometimes for cash dealings.

Let us discuss the bank holidays in April 2022 in advance so that you can plan your cash dealings as per your needs.

Bank Holiday DateReason For Bank HolidayApplicable States
April 1st,2022Annual Closing of accountsAll states
April 2nd,2022Telugu New Year(Ugadi)Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
April 3rd,2022SundayAll States
April 4th,2022SarhoolJharkhand
April 5th,2022Babu Jagjeevan Rao JayantiAll States
April 9th,2022Second SaturdayAll States
April 10th,2022SundayAll States
April 14th,2022Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti, Mahaveer JayantiAll States
April 15th,2022Good Friday, Bengali New YearAll States
April 16th.2022Bhog BihuRegional Holiday
April 17th,2022SundayAll States
April 21, 2022Gariya PoojaRegional Holiday
April 23, 20224th SaturdayAll States
April 24. 2022SundayAll States
April 29, 2022Jumat-Ul-VidhaRegional Holiday

Though bank holidays vary from state to state, there would be no interruptions on online transactions, all mobile and net transactions would be continued as usual. Only branch transactions would be effected. So if you are in a need to visit bank branch, plan your schedule accordingly

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