Mirae Asset has launched a new age trading platform mstock with zero brokerage fee*

Mirae Asset is a well known brand to investors in India. Almost all of the schemes outperforms its benchmark and thus gained investors trust as a “Best Mutual Fund Company”. Though Mirae asset originated from South Korea, within a short span of its launch in India(2007) it gained investors trust as a best performing fund house.

Currently Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has more than 1,00,000 crore AUM(Assets Under Management)with 43 Lakh+ customers allover India.

With a view to expand its business further, Mirae Asset has decided to launch flexible, convienient trading platform “mStock”with a “Nominal Fee”. According to Mirae Asset there would be no hidden charges, no order limits on the trading done by the traders.

Mirae Asset mStock Exclusive Features

  • Traders/investors have to register on “www.mstock.com” with an one-time registration fee of 999 Rupees
  • Thereafter, there would be no additional charges on order booking, Trading Volumes
  • With mstock, traders can avail free intraday transactions and F&O Trading(Futures and Options). There is “no limit on the number of transactions per day”
  • Through mStock trading platform traders can deal thousands of orders per second in faster, secure and smarter manner.

According to Mirae Asset- “mStock is safer, faster and convenient mode to trade with a one-time registration fee of 999 Rupees. There would be no hidden charges on the trading volumes, F&O Trades(Futures and Options Trading)and on intraday transactions”

So if you are huge fan of Mirae Asset Brand and are fond of the above features, then why late? Log-on to “www.mstock.com” and enroll your name at the earliest to make use of the above features

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