Expectations vs Reality

We all invest with an “expectation” of creating wealth; no doubt at it! But investors mindset is filled with “Greed” to multiply their wealth in a short time. Is it possible? Have you ever think how “Wealth” is created?

Though it is hard to digest, Wealth is created through “Consumerism”. By consuming goods and services wealth is created, strange to hear? Let’s conclude in detail-

We all invest in Stock Market to create wealth, have you ever think how wealth is created through stocks? Through “Consumerism”. By exchanging money on a particular product, their business would grow thereby stock price increases.

As India is slowly transforming from “Savings economy” to “Spending economy” Indian stock market outperforms all global indices in the recent times! If you carefully observe the growth in stock prices from the past 7-8 years, many stocks have doubled, tripled; isn’t it? Still not trusting? Do Google search of any stock of your choice and you will find that stock has doubled, tripled! Have you ever think how was it possible?- Consumerism.

Thanks to digital platforms, payment apps; They play a key role in consumerism growth. Even a middle class person is using Google Pay, Phonepe today to pay their day-to-day basic expenses. Apart from discussing whether to use digital payment apps or not, Indians are slowly converting to make their payments through these digital apps. This is “Reality

Expectation– Not all investors, but some of the investors are basically conjuse; they don’t want to spend but expect their wealth to compound 4,5 times, is it possible in reality? if there is no consumerism among public how would that stock grow? So be practical !

Identify the stocks that you are expecting to grow by consumerism and have a close look on the consumer sentiment over that stock. If you found that consumers are loosing faith on that particular sector, that’s the reality to “Exit That Stock”. This is the practical example to create wealth in reality.

Though it is not a recommendation, take an example of “Avenue Super Markets”. It is an integral part of strong retail chain “Dmart”. Have you ever noticed there is no rush in Dmart, Absolutely No! So it’s the best stock to hold, if you find Dmart stores are vacant, then you should consider “Exit From that Stock”.

Likewise “Skybags’ from VIP Industries. Today all are using VIP Skybags while travelling. until you find there is no scope for SkyBag(VIP Suitcases)you can hold that stock.

So “Expecting Miracles from a stock where there is no strong consumerism is worth-less”. There would be no use in “Expecting Miracles” instead focus on “reality” which has strong consumerism.

Note- Stocks recommended above are only for informative purpose. They are intended only for giving proper suggestion. Don’t treat them as an investment advice. Do your own research to identify the right stock that would grow further in reality.

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