Good News For HDFC Bank Customers! HDFC Bank Revises F.D Interest Rates

Bumper bonanza to HDFC Bank customers! HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector banks in India. As fixed deposit interest rates went to all-time low in the recent times, depositors loose hope to save their hard-earned money in bank fixed deposits. To their surprise slowly banks are hiking interest rates gradually and nowContinue reading “Good News For HDFC Bank Customers! HDFC Bank Revises F.D Interest Rates”

Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing

Even though all investors starts investing to create wealth, their investment objective might be different! While some want to “consume” the invested amount in future, some wants to pass-on their investments to their next generation. It is quiet natural tendency among investors Investing For a Goal( Consume Behavior)– Most of the investors belongs to thisContinue reading “Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing”

Union Bank of India Latest F.D Rates

We all know that Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank are merged into Union Bank of India; A Government sponsored bank. UBI(Union Bank of India) has decades of history with strong customer-base. Many Depositors shows interest to deposit their hard-earned money in government-run banks as they are relatively safer than private banks. If you are aContinue reading “Union Bank of India Latest F.D Rates”

Expectations vs Reality

We all invest with an “expectation” of creating wealth; no doubt at it! But investors mindset is filled with “Greed” to multiply their wealth in a short time. Is it possible? Have you ever think how “Wealth” is created? Though it is hard to digest, Wealth is created through “Consumerism”. By consuming goods and servicesContinue reading “Expectations vs Reality”

Funny Queries That Will Destroy Your Wealth

Today we are living in digital world. There are a lot of discussions going on digital platforms, social media daily regarding investments. Discussing financial information is o.k, but what about your individual risk-appetite? and your investment objective? Do note that no two ideal investor’s mindset is same, it may vary according to their life stages,Continue reading “Funny Queries That Will Destroy Your Wealth”

Now EPF Subscribers can submit their life certificates throughout the year!

EPF(Employee Provident Fund)subscribers tend to get pension after their retirement. This pension will end throughout their life subject to submission of “Life Certificate” every year. This submission of life certificate is “Mandatory” to receive pension. Previously pensioners have to submit their life certificates mandatory in “November” every year. But keeping in view the pensioners difficulties,Continue reading “Now EPF Subscribers can submit their life certificates throughout the year!”

If your goal is hundred miles away, don’t get destructed by the short-term volatility

Everyone have goals; mostly long-term goals. Even though they start their investment journey with long-term view they get panic in volatile times and get-out of that investment thereby missing a chance to reach that goal! Didn’t the investors knows that stock market investments are volatile?Yes, they do! But as per human tendency they get panicContinue reading “If your goal is hundred miles away, don’t get destructed by the short-term volatility”

Protection First; Investments Next

When compared to developed countries(foreign countries) Indians pay less attention to insurance products, some treat it as an investment product(return giving product on maturity)while some don’t realise the importance of insurance in their day to day life. Even today almost 75-80% of Indians are not protected with life cover even after Covid-19 pandemic! Though itContinue reading “Protection First; Investments Next”

Is it wise to invest in equities when you have huge debts?

Some investors are too greedy on equity investment returns! Though equities outperforms inflation, it is not a good bet to take risk fully on equities! That too if you have huge debt burden never take risk to invest your entire corpus in equities! To now the reason why, read the full story! Why investing inContinue reading “Is it wise to invest in equities when you have huge debts?”

Mirae Asset has launched a new age trading platform mstock with zero brokerage fee*

Mirae Asset is a well known brand to investors in India. Almost all of the schemes outperforms its benchmark and thus gained investors trust as a “Best Mutual Fund Company”. Though Mirae asset originated from South Korea, within a short span of its launch in India(2007) it gained investors trust as a best performing fundContinue reading “Mirae Asset has launched a new age trading platform mstock with zero brokerage fee*”