Akola Janata Commercial Cooperative Bank has 40 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of AKOLA JANATA COMMERCIAL COOPERATIVE BANK begins with AKJB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Akola Janata Commercial Cooperative Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
AKJB0000014 MANORA Main Road, Manora Pin 444 404 MANORA WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000001 RTGS HO Janvaibhav, Old Cotton Market, Akola, Pin 444001 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000002 MALEGAON Janvaibhav, Main Road, Malegaon Pin 444 503 MALEGAON WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000003 RISOD Janvaibhav, Main Road, Civil Line, Risod Pin 4440506 RISOD WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000004 WASHIM Janvaibhav, Risod Naka, Washim Pin 444 505 WASHIM WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000006 KARANJA Janvaibhav, Shasikant Talkies Road, Karanja Pin 444 105 KARANJA WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000007 TELHARA Main Road, Telhara Pin 444 108 TELHARA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000008 TAJNAPETH Subhash Road, Tajnapeth, Akola Pin 444 001 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000009 TAPADIA NAGAR Tatyasaheb Oke Marg, Jatharpeth Chowk, Akola Pin 444 005 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000010 GORAKSHAN ROAD Prabhu Plaza, Near Power House, Gorakshan Road, Akola Pin 444 004 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000011 MURTIZAPUR Hariya Nagar, Main Road, Murtizapur Pin 444107 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000012 AKOT Akola Road, Shivaji Chowk, Akot Pin 444101 AKOT AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000018 JALGAON 91, Navipeth, Near L.I.C. Office, Jalgaon Pin 425 001 JALGAON JALGAON MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000021 DIGRAS Netaji Chowk, Main Road, Digras Pin 445 203 DIGRAS YAVATMAL MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000022 MALKAPUR ROAD Mayur Colony, Near Octrio Naka, Malkapur Road, Akola Pin 444 004 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000023 AKOT ROAD Janvaibhav, Near Homeopathic College, Akot Road, Akola Pin 444 003 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000024 MALKAPUR Janvaibhav, Bhansali Complex, Buldhana Road, Malkapur Pin 443 101 MALKAPUR BULDHANA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000026 NANDED Gurukrupa Market, Mahavir Chowk, Vazirabad, Nanded Pin 431 601 NANDED NANDED MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000029 CHANDUR RLY Gandhi Chowk, Main Road, Chandur Railway Pin 444 904 CHANDUR RLY AMRAVATI MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000030 AURANGABAD Aakashwani Chowk, Jalna Road, Aurangabad Pin 431 001 AURANGABAD AURANGABAD MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000031 PUSAD Thakur Market, Main Road, Pusad Pin 445 204 PUSAD YAVATMAL MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000032 BURHANPUR Parinisha, Shanwara Gate, Burhanpur M.P. Pin 450 331 BURHANPUR BURHANPUR MADHYA PRADESH
AKJB0000033 INDORE Chetak Centre, R.N.T.Marg, Indore M.P.Pin 452 001 INDORE INDORE MADHYA PRADESH
AKJB0000035 NASIK Survey No.718, 1a, 2b, 3 Plot No.469, Canada Corner, Nasik Pin 422 005 NASIK NASIK MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000036 SHELU BAZAR Laxmichand Vidyalay Shelu Bazar Pin 444402 SHELU BAZAR WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000037 SINDHI CAMP Gurunanak Vidyalay Sindhi Camp Pin 444004 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000039 LONAR Loni Road Plot No4 Survey No 168/4 Lonar 443302 LONAR BULDHANA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000040 WANI Near Abad Bhavan Taor Chowk Wani 445304 WANI YAVATMAL MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000041 MEHKAR Rajiv Gandhi Nagar Parishad Commercial Complex, Near Nagar Parishad, Athavadhi Bazar, Mehkar MEHKAR BULDHANA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000015 AMRAVATI Devhari Complex, Near Vasant Talkies, Jaistambh Chowk, Amravati Pin 444 601 AMRAVATI AMRAVATI MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000016 KHAMGAON Janvaibhav, Shriram Chowk, Pharshi Road, Infront Of Sahele Complex, Khamgaon Pin 444 303 KHAMGAON BULDHANA MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000005 MANGRULPIR Janvaibhav, Main Road, Mangrulpir Pin 444 403 MANGRULPIR WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000013 SHIRPUR Omkar Nagri, Ward No.3, Behind Bus Stand, Shirpur Pin 444 504 SHIRPUR WASHIM MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000020 NAGPUR Servodaya Cloth Market, Gandhi Baug, Nagpur Pin 440 002 NAGPUR NAGPUR MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000027 KALBADEVI 205, 207, 209 Narayan Bansilal Bld., Kalbadevi Rd, In Front Of Jain Mandir, Kalbadevi, Mumbai Pin 400 002 MUMBAI MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000038 VASHI Shivaji Market 2, Ground Floor, Shop No 10, 11, 29, 30, Plot No 8 9 , Croma Road, Sector 19d, Infornt Of Apmc Dana Market, Vashi NAVI MUMBAI THANE MAHARASHTRA
AKJB0000017 OLD CITY Near Chhaya Hospital, Dabki Road, Old City, Akola Pin 444 001 AKOLA AKOLA MAHARASHTRA
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