Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank has 559 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of ANDHRA PRAGATHI GRAMEENA BANK begins with APGB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
APGB0001007 PAMIDI Pamidi 515775 Pamidi Mandal Anantapur District PAMIDI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0000001 RTGS HO Post Box 65, Opp Officers' Club, Kadapa CUDDAPAH CUDDAPAH ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001001 LEPAKSHI Lepakshi 515331 Lepakshi Mandal Anantapur District LEPAKSHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001002 ANANTAPUR MAIN BRANCH Anantapur Main Branch B.S.N. Complex, Raju Road, Anantapur, Anantapur District. Pin 515001 ANANTAPUR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001003 MUDDINAYANIPALLI Muddinayanipalli 515761 Kalyanadurg Mandal Anantapur District MUDDINAYANIPALLI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001004 NUTHIMADUGU Nuthimadugu 515787 Kambadur Mandal Anantapur District NUTHIMADUGU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001005 MARALA Marala 515159 Bukkapatnam Mandal Anantapur District MARALA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001006 A.KONDAPURAM A.Kondapuram, Arakativemula (Post), Putlur (Mandal), Anantapur (Dist) 515445 TADPATRI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001009 RAYALACHERUVU Rayalachervu 515455 Yadiki Mandal Anantapur District RAYALACHERUVU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001010 KODIKONDA Kodikonda 515601 Chilamathur Mandal Anantapur District KODIKONDA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001011 ROLLA Rolla 515321 Rolla Mandal Anantapur District ROLLA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001012 GUGUDU Gugudu 515435 Narpala Mandal Anantapur District GUGUDU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001014 NALLAMADA Nallamada 515591 Nallamada Mandal Anantapur District NALLAMADA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001015 OBULA DEVARA CHERUVU Obula Devara Cheruvu 515561 Obula Devara Cheruvu Mandal Anantapur District OBULA DEVARA CHERUVU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001016 SHETTUR Shettur 515767 Shettur Mandal Anantapur District SHETTUR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001017 D.HIREHAL D.Hirehal 515872 D.Hirehal Mandal Anantapur District D.HIREHAL ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001018 GUMMAGATTA Gummagatta 515865 Gummagatta Mandal Anantapur District GUMMAGATTA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001020 PEDABALLI Pedaballi 515231 Puttaparthy Mandal Anantapur District PEDABALLI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001021 GANDLAPENTA Gandlapenta 515520 Gandlapenta Mandal Anantapur District GANDLAPENTA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001022 NAMBULA POOLAKUNTA Nambula Poola Kunta 515521 Nambula Poola Kunta Mandal Anantapur District NAMBULA POOLAKUNTA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001023 PAMUTHURTHI Pamudurthy 515154 Bukkapatnam Mandal Anantapur District PAMUTHURTHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001024 PERUR Perur 515621 Ramagiri Mandal Anantapur District PERUR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001025 GUNTAKAL Guntakal 515801 Mandy Bazar, Guntakal Mandal Anantapur District GUNTAKAL ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001027 PUTLUR Putlur 515414 Putlur Mandal Anantapur District PUTLUR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001028 N.S.GATE N.S. Gate 515621 Ramagiri Mandal Anantapur District KUNTIMADDI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001029 DHARMAVARAM Dharmavaram 515671, Slv Market, Dharmavaram Mandal Anantapur District DHARMAVARAM ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001030 KALYANDURG Kalyanadurg 515761 Mudigal Road, Kalyanadurg Mandal Anantapur District KALYANDURG ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001031 RAYADURG Rayadurg 515865 Rayadurg Mandal Anantapur District RAYADURG ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001033 KANUMUKKALA Kanumukkala 515652 Chenne Kothapalli Mandal Anantapur District KANUMUKKALA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001034 THIMMAPURAM Thimmapuram (A) 515611 Kambadur Mandal Anantapur District THIMMAPURAM ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001035 PUTTAPARTHI Puttaparthy * 515134 Puttaparthy Mandal, Anantapur District PUTTAPARTHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001036 BHOOPASAMUDRAM Bhoopasamudram 515865 Gummagatta Mandal Anantapur District BHOOPASAMUDRAM ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001037 PATHAKOTHACHERUVU Patha Kotha Cheruvu 515401 Guntakal Mandal Anantapur District PATHAKOTHACHERUVU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001039 BANDAMEEDAPALLI Bandameedapalli 515641 Rapthadu Mandal Anantapur District M.BANDAMEEDAPALLI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001042 MADAKASIRA Madakasira 515301 Madakasira Mandal Anantapur District MADAKASIRA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001043 GORANTLA Gorantla 515231 Gorantla Mandal Anantapur District GORANTLA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001044 TALAMARLA Talamarla 515133 Kothachervu Mandal Anantapur District TALAMARLA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001046 NEELAKANTAPURAM Neelakantapuram 515291 Madakasira Mandal Anantapur District GOVINDAPURAM ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001048 HEMAVATHI Hemavathi 515286 Amarapuram Mandal Anantapur District HEMAVATHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001049 GARLADINNE Garladinne (A) 515731 Garladinne Mandal Anantapur District GARLADINNE ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001050 BATHALAPALLI Bathalapalli 515661 Bathalapalli Mandal Anantapur District BATHALAPALLI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001051 THAGGUPARTHI Thagguparthy 515741 Beluguppa Mandal Anantapur District THAGGUPARTHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001052 B.PAPPUR B. Pappur 515435 Narpala Mandal Anantapur District B.PAPPUR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001053 DADITHOTA Dadithota 515631 Tadimarri Mandal Anantapur District DADITHOTA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001055 BUDILI Budili 515241 Gorantla Mandal Anantapur District BUDILI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001056 AMADAGURU Amadaguru 515566 Amadaguru Mandal Anantapur District AMADAGURU ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001057 TARIMALA Tarimela 515611 Singanamala Mandal Anantapur District TARIMALA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001058 GANDLAPARTHI Gandlaparthy 515641 Rapthadu Mandal Anantapur District GANDLAPARTHI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001059 KUDAIR Kudair 515711 Kudair Mandal Anantapur District KUDAIR ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
APGB0001060 RAKETLA Raketla 515812 Uravakonda Mandal Anantapur District RAKETLA ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRADESH
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