Catholic Syrian Bank Limited has 440 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of CATHOLIC SYRIAN BANK LIMITED begins with CSBK.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Catholic Syrian Bank Limited

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
CSBK0000175 DINDIGUL No. 27, Nisha Complex Palani Road Dindigul 624 001 DINDIGUL DINDIGUL TAMIL NADU
CSBK0000001 RTGS HO Market Road, Ernakulam, Kochi 682011, Ernakulam, Kerala KOCHI ERNAKULAM KERALA
CSBK0000002 ALUVA Paul Davis, E Mail : Aluva@Csb.Co.In, Phone: 0484 2624565 ALUVA ERNAKULAM KERALA
CSBK0000176 THODUPUZHA Jyothi Super Bazar, Thodupuzha, Idukki District THODUPUZHA IDUKKI KERALA
CSBK0000004 ANNAMANADA Chakkarampillyshoping Complex Complex ANNAMANADA TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000006 ALTHARA P.B. No. 2, P.O. Punnayurkulam, Althara, Thrissur 679561 ATTUPURAM TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000007 KUNNUKARA Athani Manjali Road, P.O.Kunnukara 683524 Ernakulam Dt., Kerala KUNNUKARA ERNAKULAM KERALA
CSBK0000008 AZHIKODE Vankulathuvayal, P O Azhikode, Kannur 670 009 AZHIKODE KANNUR KERALA
CSBK0000010 CHEMBUR MUMBAI Gama Grandeur, Central Avenue Road, P O Chembur, Mumbai 40 071 MUMBAI GREATER MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
CSBK0000011 KANNUR Veekay Complex, Fort Road, Kannur KANNUR KANNUR KERALA
CSBK0000012 CHALAKUDY Kaitharathu Building, Main Road, Chalakkudy, Kerala State. Pin 680307 CHALAKUDY TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000014 CHANGANASSERY Kulathungal Buildings, M C Road, .Perunna Po, 686102, Kotaam Dt, Keralaindia. CHANGANASSERY KOTTAYAM KERALA
CSBK0000015 CHAVAKKAD P.B. No. 3, Bye Pass Road, Chavakkad, Thrissur 680506, Kerala CHAVAKKAD TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000016 CHITTATTUKARA Main Road, Chittattukara 680511, Thrissur District PAVARATTY TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000017 CHITTUR Sohar Complex, Main Road, Chittur 678101. CHITTUR PALAKKAD KERALA
CSBK0000018 KOCHI 1 Palamoottil Building, Cc No.1/583/1, Unnumpuram, Kochi, 682001 KOCHI ERNAKULAM KERALA
CSBK000001A ALAPPUZHA Gold Merchant's Association Bldgs, No.Xviii/1285, P.B.No.3818, Mullakkal, Alappuzha 688010, Kerala. ALAPPUZHA ALAPUZZHA KERALA
CSBK0000020 ENGANDIYUR Main Road, P.O. Engandiyur, Thrissur 680615 CHAVAKKAD TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000022 ERODE 25, Cutcherry Street Erode 638 001 Tamil Nadu ERODE ERODE TAMIL NADU
CSBK0000023 FEROKE Kodinji Towers, Cheruvannur, Feroke 673631 FEROKE KOZHIKODE KERALA
CSBK0000024 GUDALUR Vaishanavi Complex , P.B.No.3 Calicut Road, Gudalur 643212 Nilgiris Dt., Tamilnadu GUDALUR NILGIRIS TAMIL NADU
CSBK0000025 GURUVAYOOR P.B. No. 10, East Nada, Guruvayur, Thrissur 680101, Kerala GURUVAYUR TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000027 KADAMPANAD Xii/670, P.O.Kadambanad South Pin 691553 Pathanamthitta Dt., Kerala KADAMBANAD PATHANAMTHITTA KERALA
CSBK0000028 KADUKUTTY Jose P.A, E Mail: Kadukutty@Csb.Co.In, Phone: 0480 2718278 KADUKUTTY TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000029 KALLIASSERY 466e/Ix, Nh 17, P O Kalliassery, Kannur 670562 KALLIASSERY KANNUR KERALA
CSBK0000030 KANDASSANKADAVU Main Road, Kandassankadavu 680613, Thrissur District THRISSUR TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000031 KARUKACHAL Puthuparambil Building, Karukachal, 686540 KARUKACHAL KOTTAYAM KERALA
CSBK0000033 KATTANAM P.O.Pallikkal 690503 P.B.No.3 Alappuzha Dt., Kerala ALAPPUZHA ALAPUZZHA KERALA
CSBK0000034 KAYAMKULAM Main Road, P.B.No.18 Kayamkulam 690502 Alappuzha Dt., Kerala KAYAMKULAM ALAPUZZHA KERALA
CSBK0000035 KEERAMPARA Keerampara Junction P.O.Keerampara 686691 Ernakulam Dt., Kerala KEERAMPARA ERNAKULAM KERALA
CSBK0000036 KILIKOLLUR Moonamkutty Junction, Kilikollur 691004 Kollam Dt., Kerala KILIKOLLUR KOLLAM KERALA
CSBK0000038 KODUVAYUR K.S Aboobacker Building, Palakkad Road, Koduvayur 678501 KODUVAYUR PALAKKAD KERALA
CSBK0000039 R S ROAD THRISSUR P.B. No. 139, Railway Station Road, Thrissur 680001, Kerala THRISSUR TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000040 KOLLAPPALLY St.Augustine's Church Road, P.O.Anthinad 686651 Kottayam Dt., Kerala KOLLAPPALLY KOTTAYAM KERALA
CSBK0000042 KOTTAPADI Main Road, Kottapadi 680505, Thrissur District KOTTAPADI TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000043 KOTTAYAM Matteethara Buildings, Baker Junction, Kottayam 68601, Keral, India KOTTAYAM KOTTAYAM KERALA
CSBK0000044 KOTTAYI Anugraha Shopping Complex P.O.Kottayi 678572 Palakkad Dt., Kerala KOTTAYI PALAKKAD KERALA
CSBK0000045 KOZHIKODE BAZAR Varghese George, Phone:0495 2727240 Email:Kozhikodebazar@Csb.Co.In CALICUT KOZHIKODE KERALA
CSBK0000046 KOZHIKODE CITY Manuel Sons Towers, G S Road, Kozhikode 673001. CALICUT KOZHIKODE KERALA
CSBK0000047 KUMARANALLOOR Kumaranalloor, Perubaikod Po, Kottayam Dt. KOTTAYAM KOTTAYAM KERALA
CSBK0000049 KUMBAZHA Danie Complex, P.O.Kumbazha 689653 Ranni Road, P.B.No.1, Pathanamthitta Dt., Kerala PATHANAMTHITTA PATHANAMTHITTA KERALA
CSBK0000050 KUNNAMKULAM P. B. No. 3, Guruvayur Road, Kunnamkulam 680503, Thrissur District KUNNAMKULAM TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000051 KUNNATHANGADI X/118, P. O. Veluthur 680616, Thrissur District KANNATHANGADI TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000052 KURIYANNOOR Building No.5/358a, Post Office Jn. Puthethu Vadakethil Building Kuriyannoor 689550, Pathanamthitta, Kerala PATHANAMTHITTA PATHANAMTHITTA KERALA
CSBK0000053 KURUMPILAVU Chirakkal Centre, Kurumpilavu 680584, Thrissur District KURUMPILAV PUZHUVIL TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000056 KUTTIKAD P.O.Kuttikad 680721 Via Chalakudy Thrissur Dt., Kerala KUTTIKADU TRISSUR KERALA
CSBK0000057 KUZHUR Kuzhur P.O. Pin 680734, Via Mala Thrissur Dt., Kerala KUZHUR TRISSUR KERALA
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