Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank has 650 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of KARNATAKA VIKAS GRAMEENA BANK begins with KVGB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
KVGB0001001 BADAMI Badami Branch Near Bus Standbadami 587 201 Dist: Bagalkot BADAMI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001002 BELUR Belur Branch Gram Panchayat Bldg, Belur 587 113, Tq:Badami, Dist:Bagalkot. BELUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001003 CHOLACHAGUDDA Cholachagudda Branch S.C.Humbi Bldg, Cholachagudda 587201 Tq:Badami Dist:Bagalkot CHOLACHAGUDDA BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001004 HEBBALLI Hebballi Branch Gram Panchayat Bldg, Bazaar Road, Hebballi 582 203, Tq:Badami Dist:Bagalkot. HEBBALLI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001005 KATAGERI Katageri Branch Katageri Milk Producers' Co Op. Society's Building, Main Road, Katageri 587 205, Tq : Badami Dist : Bagalkot. KATAGERI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001006 MUSTIGERI Mustigeri Branch P A C C Bank, Building D.No.504, Main Street, Mustigeri 587 206, Tq : Badami. Dist : Bagalkot. MUSTIGERI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001008 NEELAGUND Neelagund Branch Main Road, Neelagund 587 201, Tq : Badami Dist : Bagalkot. Ph.No.08357 238003 NEELAGUND BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001009 GULEDGUDDA Sangameshwar Printing Press Bldg, Guledgudda, Tq: Badami Dist : Bagalkot GULEDAGUDDA BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001010 KAGALAGOMB Pkpsb Building, Near Bus Stand, Kagalagomb BADAMI BAGALKOTE KARNATAKA
KVGB0001012 KERUR Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, Sri M B Katti Building, Opposit Govt Hospital, Solapur Hubli Main Road, Kerur, Karnataka KERUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001013 KULAGERI CROSS Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank Branch Kulageri Cross Badami Taluk Bagalkot Dist BADAMI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001014 HALIGERI Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, At Post Haligeri, Tq Badami, Dist Bagalkot Pincode 587206 BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001100 BAGALKOTE R O Regional Manager, Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, Ro, Sbi Building, Navanagar, Bagalkot.587183 BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001101 BAGALAKOT Bagalkot Branch Shreyas Omplex, I Floor, Near Bus Stand, Q& Dt: Bagalkot BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001103 GADDANAKERI Gaddanakeri Branch Kkgs Sangha Building, D.No.157/1, Kaladagi Rd, Gaddanakeri 587 115, Tq : Bagalkot. Dist : Bagalkot. GADDANKERI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001104 SUTAGUNDAR Sutagundar Branch Main Road, Sutagundar 587 207, Tq : Bagalkot. Dist :Bagalkot. SUTAGUNDAR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001105 NAVANAGAR BAGALKOT Navanagar Branch Plot No.C 69, Sector 33 Sbm Building, Near Dist Consumers Forum , Navanagar 587 103, Tq: Dist Bagalkot. BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001106 KALADGI Hnnu Belegarara Sangh Bldg, Near Police Station, Kaladgi Tq & Dt. Bagalkot KALADGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001108 BHANTANUR Hirekannavar Building Bhantanur Tq.Mudhol Pin ?_ 587 204 MUDHOL BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001109 RAMPUR Sri Teli Building , Rampur 587207, Tq; Bagalkot, Dt Bagalkote BAGALKOT BAGALKOTE KARNATAKA
KVGB0001111 TULASIGERI Karnataka Vikas Grammena Bank, No 196 B, Gpc Building, Tulasigeri 587204, Dt Bagalakot, Karnataka BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001201 AMALAZARI Amalzari Branch Maruti Seva Sameeti Building, Amalzari 587 125, Tq : Bilagi. Dist : Bagalkot. AMALZARI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001202 ANAGAWADI Anagawadi Branch Anagawadi 587 116, Tq : Bilagi. Dist : Bagalkot. ANAGWADI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001203 BILAGI Bilagi Branch Main Road, S.S. Patil Building, Bilagi ?_ 587 116 Dist: Bagalkot BILGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001204 KATARAKI Kataraki Branch Mathad Building, D.No.1/A, Main Road, Kataraki 587 204, Tq : Bilagi. Dist : Bagalkot. KATARKI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001205 SUNAG Sunag Branch Gram Panchayat Bldg, D.No.196, Main Road, Sunag 587 128, Tq : Bilagi. Dist : Bagalkot. SUNAG BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001206 TEGGI Karnatakavikasgrameena Bank J B Kudagi Bldg, Main Road, Teggi Tq. Bilagi Dt: Bagalkot Pin ?_ 587 117 TEGGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001207 JANAMATTI Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank Branch Janamatti Taluk Bilagi Dist Bagalkot BILAGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001301 AIHOLE Aihole Branch C.M.Nashi Bldg, Aihole ?_ 587 138tq : Hungund Dist : Bagalkot AIHOLE BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001302 CHITTARAGI Chittaragi Branchvijaya Mahantesh Trust, Chittaragi ?_587 112 Tq: Hungund Dist : Bagalkot. CHITTARGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001304 GANJIHAL Ganjihal Branch Gram Panchayat Bldg, Door No. 487, Main Road, Ganjihal ?_587115 Tq : Hungund, Dist: Bagalkot GANJIHAL BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001305 HUNGUND Hungund Branch M.S.Kadapatti Building, Opposite Bus Stand Hunagund. Dist: Bagalkot HUNGUND BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001306 KANDAGAL Kandagal Branch Police Patil Building, Main Road, Kandagal ?_ 587154. Tq : Hunagund, Dist : Bagalkot KANDAGAL BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001307 NAGUR Nagur Branch Naragundcomplex, Mainroad, Nagur ?_ 587118 Tq : Hungund Dist : Bagalkot NAGUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001308 ILKAL Near Kanthi Circle Ilkal Tq: Hunagund, Dist : Bagalkot. ILKAL BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001309 KUDALASANGAM Sri Sangameshwar Uchit Prasad Nilay Bldg, Kudalasangamtq. Hunagund KOODAL SANGAM BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001310 KAMATAGI Oppsite Hucheshwar Math, Near Busstand Kamatagi, Tq: Hunagund 587120, Dt: Bagalkote KAMATGI BAGALKOTE KARNATAKA
KVGB0001311 AMINGAD Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank Branch Amingad Gram Panchayath Building Hunagund Taluk Bagalkot Dist 587112 HUNAGUND BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001313 GUDUR Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, At Post Gudur, Tq Hunagund, Dist Bagalkot Pincode 587202 BAGALKOT BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001401 ALAGUR Alagur Branch Paramagonda Building, Door No. 221, Alagur 587 301, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. ALAGUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001402 BANAHATTI Banahatti Branch V.R.Kadam Building, Banahatti 587311 Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. RABKAVI BANHATTI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001403 BIDARI Bidari Branch Bidari's Building, Bidari 586 125, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. BIDRI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001404 GOTHE Gothe Branch Sri Pawad Basaveshwar Sadbhakta Mandali Building, Near Bus Stand, Gothe 586 126, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. GOTHE BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001405 HALINGALI Halingali Branch A.R.Munnolli Bldg Halingali 587 315, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. HALINGALI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001407 HIRE PADASALAGI Hirepadasalagi Branch Hutagi Building, D.No.108, Hirepadasalagi 587 323, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. HIREPADASALGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001408 JAKANUR Jakanur Branch Gram Panchayat Bldg, Main Road, Jakanur 587 301, Tq: Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. JAKANUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001410 KONNUR Konnur Branch Karisiddeshwar Temple Building, Main Road, Konnur 587 121, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. KONNUR BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001411 NAVALAGI Navalagi Branch Hanuman Temple Committee Building, Navalagi 587 320, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. NAVALAGI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001412 SASALATTI Sasalatti Branch Hanagandi Building, Door No. 92, Sasalatti 587 327, Tq : Jamakhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. SASALATTI BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
KVGB0001413 TERDAL Terdal Branch Ganachari Building, Near Prabhudev Temple Tq : Jamkhandi. Dist : Bagalkot. TERDAL BAGALKOT KARNATAKA
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