Karur Vysya Bank has 858 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of KARUR VYSYA BANK begins with KVBL.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Karur Vysya Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
KVBL0001139 KANIYAMBADI 232 Bazaar Street, , Kaniyambadi 632102 KANIYAMBADI VELLORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001101 CENTRAL OFFICE The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Central Office , Erode Road, , Karur 639002 KARUR KARUR TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001102 CHENNAI DO Kvb Towers, I Floor 568 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai 600018 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001105 ALANGANALLUR 5 1/87 Main Road, , Alanganallur 625501 ALANGANALLUR MADURAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001107 ANAIMALAI 34 Palaniyandi Pillai St., , Anaimalai 642104 ANAIMALAI COIMBOTORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001108 ARNI 22, Srinivasan Street, Arni 632301 ARNI TIRUVANNAMALAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001109 ATTUR P.B. No. 6 767 Ranipet Main Road, , Attur 636102 ATTUR SALEM TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001110 AUNDIPATTI P.B. No. 1 9 1 68 W 1st Floor, Theni Road, Aundipatti 625512 ANDIPATTI JAKKAMPATTI THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001112 BATLAGUNDU 13 1 207 Main Road, , Batlagundu 624202 BATLAGUNDU DINDIGUL TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001113 BELUKURICHI 5/101 Palaniappar Kovil St., , Belukurichi 637402 BELUKURICHI SALEM TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001114 BHAVANI P.B. No. 2 190 I Floor Sakthi Plaza, Main Road, Bhavani 638301 BHAVANI ERODE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001115 BODINAYAKANUR P.B. No. 14 22/73 Kamaraj Bazaar, I Floor, Bodinayakanur 625513 BODINAYAKANUR THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001116 CHIDAMBARAM 36/1, West Car Street, Chidambaram 608001 CHIDAMBARAM CUDDALORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001117 CHINNALAPATTI P.B. No. 13 11 3 36 Kamarajar Street, , Chinnalapatti 624301 CHINNALAPATTI DINDIGUL TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001118 CHINNAMANUR 215/275 Main Road, , Chinnamanur 625515 CHINNAMANUR THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001120 COIMBATORE MAIN 577 Oppanakara Street, , Coimbatore 641001 COIMBATORE COIMBOTORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001121 COIMBATORE DR NANJAPPA ROAD P.B. No. 3825 483 Dr. Nanjappa Road, , Coimbatore 641018 COIMBATORE COIMBOTORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001123 COONOOR 6 Allai Sait Compound, Near Lawley Hospital Mount Road, Coonoor 643102 COONOOR NILGIRIS TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001124 CUDDALORE P.B.No.5 30 Car Street, , Cuddalore 607002 CUDDALORE CUDDALORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001125 CUMBUM P.B. No.9 I Floor, 47 Velappar Koil St., Cumbum 625516 CUMBUM THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001126 DHARAPURAM No 139, Big Bazaar Street, Dharapuram 638656 DHARAPURAM ERODE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001127 DHULLY 5/70 Thirumoorthi Malai Road, Dhully 642 112, Udamalpet Taluk Tirupur District, Dhully 642112 UDUMALPET COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001128 DINDIGUL P.B.No.21 No.7 Varadaraj Complex, Main Road, Dindigul 624001 DINDIGUL DINDIGUL TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001129 ERODE 24 Muthurangam Street, , Erode 638001 ERODE ERODE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001131 GOBICHETTIPALAYAM P.B.No.29 21 Cutchery Road, , Gobichettipalayam 638452 GOBICHETTIPALAYAM ERODE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001132 GUDALUR 32 Main Bazar, , Gudalur 625518 GUDALUR THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001133 IDAPPADI P.B.No.8 35 Bazaar Street, , Idappadi 637101 IDAPPADI SALEM TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001134 JEEYAPURAM 4/30 2 West St., Thiruparaithurai Exchange, Jeeyapuram 639101 SIRUGAMANI TIRUCHIORAPPALLI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001137 KAMBAINALLUR 37 Bazaar Street, , Kambainallore 635202 KAMBAINALLUR DHARMAPURI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001138 KANCHEEPURAM P.B.No. 15 18&18 A T.K.Nambi Street, , Kancheepuram 631501 KANCHIPURAM KANCHEEPURAM TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001141 KARUPPUR 5/3 29 B Main Road, , Karuppur 636012 KARUPPUR SALEM TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001142 KARUR MAIN P.B.No 91 633 637 Jawahar Bazaar, , Karur 639001 KARUR KARUR TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001143 KARUR CENTRAL P.B.No.92 65 Jawahar Bazaar, , Karur 639001 KARUR KARUR TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001145 KOLATHUPALAYAM 80 Bhagavathi Amman Koil Street, Kolathupalayam, Unjalur 638152 KOLATHUPALAYAM ERODE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001146 KOZHUMAM 8/24 Nehru Street, Coimbatore Dist. Tn, Kolumam 642204 KOZHUMAM COIMBOTORE TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001147 KOMARAPALAYAM P.B.No.202 155 156 Salem Main Road, , Komarapalayam 638183 KOMARAPALAYAM NAMAKKAL TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001148 KOMBAI P.B. No. 3 60 A Gandhiji Street, , Kombai 625522 KOMBAI THENI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001150 KULITHALAI P.B. No. 3 4 Andar Main Road, , Kulithalai 639104 KULITHALAI KARUR TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001152 KARUR WEST LNS 68 Erode Road, L.N.S.Post, Karur 639002 KARUR KARUR TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001153 CHENNAI MAIN P.B. No.1980 46 Armenian Street, , Chennai 600001 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001155 CHENNAI KODAMBAKKAM 23 United India Colony, Ist Main Road Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001156 CHENNAI MYLAPORE P.B. No. 607 85 Kutcherry Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600004 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001157 CHENNAI ROYAPURAM No. 2 Mannarswamy Kovil Street, Royapuram, Chennai 600013 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001158 CHENNAI TRIPLICANE 205 Triplicane High Road, Triplicane, Chennai 600005 CHENNAI CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001159 MADURAI MAIN P.B. No. 28 74 Amman Sannathi Street, , Madurai 625001 MADURAI MADURAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001161 MADURAI SOUTH P.B. No. 174 159 South Masi Street, , Madurai 625001 MADURAI MADURAI TAMIL NADU
KVBL0001162 MANGALAPURAM 1/7 Attur Rasipuram Main Road, , Mangalapuram 636202 MANGALAPURAM NAMAKKAL TAMIL NADU
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