Kerala Gramin Bank has 644 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of KERALA GRAMIN BANK begins with KLGB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Kerala Gramin Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
KLGB0040101 HEAD OFFICE Kgb Towers, A K Road, P.O.Malappuram, Pin 676505 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040102 AMBALAVAYAL Ambalavayal, P.O.Ambalavayal, Wynad Dt, Pin 673593 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040103 ATHOLI Atholi P.O.Atholi, Kozhikode, Dt, Pin 673315 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040105 THIRUNAVAYA Thirunavaya Famacomplex, Kuttippuramroad, P.O.Thirunavaya Malappuram Dt, Pin 676301 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040106 PULAMANTHOLE Pulamanthole Bus Stand Buildingp.O.Pulamanthole Malappuram Dt, Pin 679323 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040107 EDAVANNA Edavanna P.O.Edavanna Malappuram Dt, Pin 676541 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040108 KOORACHUND Koorachundu P.O.Koorachundu Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673527 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040109 PERUVAYAL Peruvayal P.O.Poovattuparamba Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673008 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040110 VENGARA Vengara P.O.Vengara Malappuram Dt, Pin 676304 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040111 NARIKKUNI Narikkuni P.O.Narikkuni Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673585 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040113 KIZHISSERY Kizhissery P.O.Kuzhimanna Malappuram Dt, Pin 673641 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040114 MELADY Melady P.O.Payyoli Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673522 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040115 AYANCHERY Ayanchery P.O.Ayanchery Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673 541 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040116 MULLANKOLLY Mullankolly P.O.Mullankolly Wynad Dt, Pin 673579 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040117 THODANNUR Thodannur P.O.Thodannur Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673104 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040118 TANUR Tanur P.O.Tanurmalappuram Dt, Pin 676302 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040120 CALICUT CITY Calicutcity Lakshmibuilding, Kannurroad, Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673001 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040121 KENICHIRA Kenichira P.O.Kenichira, Wynad Dt, Pin 673596 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040122 PERUMPADAPPA Perumpadappu P.O.Perumpadappumalappuram Dt, Pin 679590 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040124 PANDEERKARA Pandeerkkara P.O.Avadukka, Via.Peruvannamuzhi Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673528 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040125 VALAYAM Valayam P.O.Valayam, Via.Kallachikozhikode Dt, Pin 673517 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040128 MANIYUR Maniyur P.O.Palayadnada Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673530 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040129 ANAMANGAD Anamangad, P.O.Anamangad, Malappuram Dt, Pin 679357 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040130 VYTHIRI Vythiri P.O.Vythiriwynad Dt, Pin 673576 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040131 MORAYUR Morayur P.O.Morayur Malappuram Dt, Pin 673642 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040132 POOKKOTTUMPADAM Pookkottumpadam P.O.Pookkoottumpadam Malappuram Dt, Pin 679332 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040133 PULIKKAL Pulikkal P.O.Pulikkal Malappuram Dt, Pin 673637 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040134 TUNERI Tuneri P.O.Tuneri, Via.Nadapuram Kozhikode Dt, 673504 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040136 NADAPURAM ROAD Nadapuramroad P.O.Madappally College Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673102 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040137 MANIPURAM Manipuram Manipuram Arcade, P.O.Manipuram, Koduvally Via, Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673 572 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040138 VAZHAVATTA Vazhavatta P.O.Vazhavatta Wynad Dt, Pin 673122 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040139 KUNIYIL Kuniyil P.O.Keezhuparamba Malappuram Dt, Pin 673639 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040140 IRUMBUZHI Irumbuzhi P.O.Irumbuzhi Malappuram Dt, Pin 676513 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040141 PINANGODE Pinangode P.O.Pin Angode Wynad Dt, Pin 673121 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040143 VELLILA Vellila Kozhikkottuparamba, Vellila.P.O.Malappuram Dt, Pin 679324 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040144 KOOTTALIDA Koottalida P.O.Avitanellur Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673618 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040145 KANNOTH Kannoth P.O.Kannoth, Via, Kodenchery Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673580 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040146 POOKKOTTOOR Pookkottoor K.I.Building, Pookkottoor.P.O.Malappuram Dt, Pin 676517 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040147 CHAMRAVATTOM Chamravattom P.O.Chamravattom Malappuram Dt, Pin 676110 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040148 KANIYAMBETTA Kaniyambetta P.O.Kaniyambetta Wynad Dt, Pin 673124 WAYANAD WAYANAD KERALA
KLGB0040149 OTHUKKUNGAL Othukkungal P.O.Othukkungal Malappuram Dt, Pin 676528 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040151 KAVANOOR Kavanoor P.O.Kavanoor Malappuram Dt, Pin 673644 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040152 MARUTHOMKARA Maruthomkara P.O.Kavilumpara, Maruthomkara Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673513 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040153 OMANOOR Omanoor P.O.Omanoor Malappuram Dt, Pin 673645 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040154 AZHINHILAM Azhinhilam P.O.Azhinhilam, Via.Feroke College Malappuram Dt, Pin 673632 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040155 UNNIKULAM Unnikulam P.O.Ekarool Kozhikode Dt, Pin 673574 KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE KERALA
KLGB0040156 CHELEMBRA Chelembra P.O.Chelembra Malappuram Dt, Pin 673634 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040158 NETTIKULAM BAZAR Nettikkulambazar P.O.Uppada Malappuram Dt, Pin 679354 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040159 ABDURAHIMAN NAGAR Abdulrahimannagar, P.O.Abdulrahimannagar, Malappuram Dt, Pin 676305 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
KLGB0040160 KARULAI Karulai P.O.Karulai Malppuram Dt, Pin 679344 MALAPPURAM MALAPPURAM KERALA
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