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Rbl Bank Limited has 273 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of RBL Bank Limited begins with RATN.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Rbl Bank Limited

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
RATN0000001 SHAHUPURI KOLHAPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 1 St Lane, Shahupuri, Kolhapur ?_ 416 001. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000002 LAXMIPURI KOLHAPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Laxmi Road, Near Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Laxmipuri, Kolhapur 416002. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000003 SANGLI MAIN The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Ground Floor C.S No 1044, Sukh Shanti Heights, College Corner, Amrai Road, North Shivaji Nagar, Sangli 416416 SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000004 MIRAJ The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, High School Road, Jawahar Chowk, Shivraj Complex, Miraj 416410. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000005 JAYSINGPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A.B.Patil Complex, Subhash Road, 9th Lane, Jaysingpur 416101. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000006 PETHVADGAON The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, R. S. No.126, Bavdekar Complex, Near Bus Stand, Peth Vadagaon, Tal. : Hatkangale, Kolhapur 416112 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000007 HUPARI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 1670/1 Opp. Hutatma Smarak, Mahaveer Nagar, Main Road Hupari, Kolhapur 416203 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000008 RUKADI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Main Road A/P Rukadi.Tal.:Hatkangle, Dist.Kolhapur 416115 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000009 ICHALKARANJI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 7356, Main Road, Ichalkaranji Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist .Kolhapur.416 115 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000010 TARABAI PARK KOLHAPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Shop No.6, 7& 8, Sidhivinayak Appartmaent, Near Vijayraj Hotel, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur 416003 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000011 MARKET YARD SANGLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Plot No.88, Bank Building, Market Yard, Sangli 416 416. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000012 MHAISAL The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Near Nagoba Katta, Shanti Sagar Marg, At Post Mhaisal, Taluka Miraj, Dist Sangli ?_ 416409 SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000013 GIRGAUM (KALBADEVI) The Ratnakar Bank Ltd., Jewel World Building, Ground Floor, 175, Kalbadevi Road, Corner Of Shaik Memon Street, Mumbai 400002. GREATER BOMBAY GREATER BOMBAY MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000014 BHILWADI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Dakshin Bhag Bhilwadi Vikas Society Building, Bhilwadi ?_ 416 303. Taluka: Palus, Dist .: Sangli. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000015 NANDRE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 249, E Ward, Society Building, A/P: Nandre ?_ 416 423.Taluka : Miraj, Dist. : Sangli. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000016 SAMDOLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Samdoli ?_ 416 427.Taluka : Miraj. Dist. : Sangli. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000017 INGALI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 446, A/P : Ingali ?_ 416 202.Taluka : Hatkanangale, Dist. : Kolhapur KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000018 VASAGADE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P :Vasgade, Taluka : Karveer, Dist. : Kolhapur KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000019 GANDHINAGAR KOLHAPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Main Road, Gandhinagar.Taluka: Karveer.Dist. : Kolhapur 416 119. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000020 RAJARAMPURI KOLHAPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Vitthal Complex, 9th Lane, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur ?_ 416 008. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000021 HALADI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Haladi ?_ 416 001.Taluka : Karveer, Dist. : Kolhapur KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000022 INAM DHAMANI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Inam Dhamani, Tal. Miraj, Dist. : Sangli 416 416 SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000023 ARJUNWAD The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Arjunwad ?_ 416 120.Taluka : Shirol, Dist. : Kolhapur. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000024 BELGAUM The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Ground Floor, Bharati, Cts No 3939/1, Club Road, Belgaum 590001 BELGAUM BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000025 ISLAMPUR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, H. No.2127/28, Dr.Pardeshi Bldg.Islampur ?_ 415 409 Taluka : Walva, Dist. : Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000026 RANGOLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Rangoli, Taluka : Hatkanangale, Dist. : Kolhapur KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000027 SHAMANEWADI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Gramseva Sahakari Sangh Bldg Shamnewadi ?_ 591 505, Tal. Chikodi, Dist.: Belgaum. SHAMANEWADI BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000028 KHUPIRE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd., C/O. Shri Balbheem Vividh Karyakari Sahakari Vikas Seva Sanstha, Khupire , Tal : Karveer, Dist. : Kolhapur ?_ 416205. KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000029 GHOTAWADE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Bapu Dongale Building, Main Road, At Ghiotawade, Post. Kaulav.Tal. Radhanagri, Dist. Kolhapur, Ghotawade 416211 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000030 AKKIWAT The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, C/O Mr. Dhanpal J. Kallanavar, A/P Akkiwat, Tal. Shirol, Dist. Kolhapur, Pin. 416 108 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000031 ICC TRADE CENTRE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Icc Trade Centre, Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Pune 411 016 PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000032 BURLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Burli ?_ 416 318. Tal. : Palus, Dist. Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000033 SHEDBAL The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Bazar Peth, Shedbal, Tal. : Athani, Dist. Belgaum ?_ 591 315 SHEDBAL BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000034 SHIRGUPPI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 379, A/P : Shirguppi, Tal. : Athani, Dist. : Belgaum ?_ 591 242 SHIRGUPPI BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000035 AITAWADE BDRUK The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 529, Society Bldg. No.2, A/P : Aitawade Budruk.Tal. : Walwa, Dist. : Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000036 NERLE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Nerle 415 406 Tal . : Walwa, Dist. : Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000037 DUDHAGAON The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 395/2, A/P : Dudhagaon 416 315.Taluka : Miraj, Dist. : Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000038 ANKALI SANGLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 178, A/P : Ankali.Taluka : Miraj, Dist. : Sangli SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000039 BELLAD BAGEWADI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 395, A/P : Bellad Bagewadi.Pin Code 591 305, Tal. : Hukeri, Dist. : Belgaum. BELLAD BAGEWADI BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000040 KABNOOR The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Grampanchayat Building, Kabnur, Taluka : Hatkanangale, Dist. : Kolhapur, Pin. ?_ 416 129 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000041 BHOSE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Bhose, Taluka : Miraj, Dist. : Sangli Pin ?_ 416 422 SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000042 HINGANGAON The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 53, Grampanchayat Building, A/P : Hingangaon, Taluka : Kavathe Mahankal, Dist. : Sangli 416 405 SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000043 GAON BHAG SANGLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, Mehendale ?_ Kulkarni Bhavan, Gaonbhag, Sangli ?_ 416416. SANGLI SANGLI MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000044 GOKAK The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 3195/B/2b Nilakanth Nilaya, Opposite Court, Hospet Galli, Gokak, Dist Belgaum?_ 591307 GOKAK BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000045 UNCHAGAON The Ratnakar Bank Ltd., Seema Pride Shop No.101 & 102, A/P Uchagaon, Tal Karveer, Dist Kolhapur 416005 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000046 ANKALI (SHITOL) The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P : Ankali ?_ 591 213.Tal. Chikodi, Dist. : Belgaum ANKALI BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000047 NIPANI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, 228, Padmaraj Bldg, Sakharwadi, Pune Bangalore Road, Nipani ?_ 591 237.Dist. Belgaum (Karnataka) NIPANI BELGAUM KARNATAKA
RATN0000048 HUBLI The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, C.T.S. No.56/57, Ward No.2, Samarth Centre, New Mydar Oni, Hubli ?_ 580 028 (K.S.) HUBLI DHARWAD DHARWAD KARNATAKA
RATN0000049 BORPADALE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, A/P: Borpadale.Taluka : Panhala, Dist. : Kolhapur KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
RATN0000050 SWARGATE PUNE The Ratnakar Bank Ltd, No 8, Ground Floor, Vega Center, Shankarseth Road, Swargate, Pune 411042 PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
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