Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Limited has 42 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of SOLAPUR JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LIMITED begins with SJSB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Limited

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
SJSB0000002 MANGALWQAR PETH Muncipal Ward 1317 To 19 North Kasba Hydrabadwale Building Tilak Chowk Solapur 431007 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000009 SOUTH KASBA Omcomplexlaxmi Marketroad Southkasba , Solapur 413007 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000010 MARKET YARD C 1 Sidheshwar Market Yard Hydrabad Roadsolapur 413005 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000017 PANDHARPUR Laxmi Complex Stationroad, Pandharpur . Dis Solapur 413304 PANDHARPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000027 OSMANABAD Suryacompex Main Road, Osmanabad.413037 OSMANABAD OSMANABAD MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000034 NASIK Shop.No. 12to 16 Sahilparkbuilding Pawan Nagar , Ambadlink Road Trimurti Chowknashik422008 NASIK NASIK MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000040 SOLAPUR JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD Survey No. 230/A/18/1, Sub Plot No.43, Jyoti Nagar, Majerewadi, Dist. Solapur 413 006 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000001 RTGS HO Shivsmarak Shinde Chowk Goldfinch Pethsolapur 413007 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000003 BARSHI Shahchamberstel.Girani Chowk Barshi 413401 BARSHI SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000004 SADAR BAZAR 372 South Sadar Bazar , Soni Complex Solapur 413003 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000006 PACHA PETH 1518 New Paccha Peth Near Vyankateshmandirsolapur413005 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000007 OMERGA Malgecomplex Bajar Lineomerga.Dis. Osmanabad413606 OMERGA OSMANABAD MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000008 RLY LINE Vijaytowers139 Rly Lines Solapur413001 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000011 UJANI NGARA Gurunanakshoppingcenter Ujaninagar Solapur413003 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000012 VIJAPUR ROAD Block No 21 Maji Sainiknagarvijapurroad Solapur413004 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000013 MADHA Shukrawarpethat Postmadhadis. Solapur 413209 MADHA SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000014 ASARA NAGAR Blockno.10first Floor Suravaseapartmenthotgi Road , Solapur413003 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000015 SHELGI NAKA C S No 114/1 Bvidhya Nagarshelgi Solapur 413006 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000016 BALE Vaibhav Shali Chambers 1/5murarji Pethpoonaroad Solapur 413001 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000018 MUMBAI N.M.Joshi Margshop No3 & 4 Sambhaji Nagarmumbai400013 MUMBAI MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000019 SANGOLA Nagar Parishadcomplex Shivajichowk , Sangola .Dis Solapur413307 SANGOLA SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000020 UDGIR Udyog Bhavan Opps .T. Stand Udgir . Dis .Latur 413517 UDGIR LATUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000021 AKKALKOT D.B.Mangarulewada Main Road Akkalkot. Dis .Solapur413216 AKKALKOT SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000022 LATUR Swastikchambers , Mainroad. Latur. 413513 LATUR LATUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000023 KALAM Nagarparishad Shopping Centermain Road , Kalamb Dis.Osmanabad413507 KALAM OSMANABAD MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000024 MOHOL Gavade Chawl Main Road .Mohol. Dist.Solapur413213 MOHOL SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000025 MALSHIRAS Ganeshchowk Malshiras . Dist.Solapur413107 MALSHIRAS SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000026 TILAK ROAD 1561, Yashodhancompex Sadashivpethpune Pune . 411037 PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000028 MARKET YARD Shanti Aprtment, Opp Pmtbus Depot , Gultekadimarketyard, Pune 411034 PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000029 GANJ GOLAI Innanibuildingmain Roadganjgolai , Latur413512 LATUR LATUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000030 DHAYARI Bhagyashricomplex , Ashopno. 1 To 3dhayari, Pune 411004 PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000031 JULE SOLAPUR Abhishek Comlexplot No 5near Watertank , Julesolapur Solapur 413004 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000032 WALUJ Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Chowk, Bajaj Nagar , Midc Walujaurangabad 431133 AURANGABAD AURANGABAD MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000033 KOTHRUD Shop No 7, 8, 9 Rohan Cornershivtirtha Nagar , Paud Road , Kothrud . Pune PUNE PUNE MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000035 NANDED Shop No.13 To 16 Gurudrupabusinesscenter , Gurukrupamarket Mahaveerchowkg.G. Road Nanded431601 NANDED NANDED MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000036 PIMPARI 206/8 Pimpari Station Road Opp Krup Industries Pipmpari Pune PIMPARI PIMPARI CHINCHWAD MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000037 KOLHAPUR 1138 E Ward , Saiex Extention , Bhavani Prasad , Rajarampurikolhapur 416001 KOLHAPUR KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000038 SOLAPUR JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD C.S. No. 892/1a/2 & 921, Ward No. Iii, Sanghvi Nivas, Siddheshwar Mandir Road, Vijaypur (Vijapur) 586 101 VIJAPUR KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
SJSB0000039 SOLAPUR JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD Shri Heights Apartment, Ground Floor, Shop No. L, 2 & 3, Cs No. L474, Ward No.1, Gat No.5, Beed Dist Beed 431122 BEED BEED MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000041 SOLAPUR JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD New Gat No. 843, Deshmukh Plot, Shivaji Nagar, Uplai Road, Barshi, Dist. Solapur 413 411 BARSHI BARSHI MAHARASHTRA
SJSB0000099 NAVI PETH Shivsmarak Shinde Chowk Goldfinch Pethsolapur 413007 SOLAPUR SOLAPUR MAHARASHTRA
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