The Surat District Cooperative Bank Limited has 87 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of THE SURAT DISTRICT COOPERATIVE BANK LIMITED begins with SDCB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of The Surat District Cooperative Bank Limited

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
SDCB0000008 SONGADH Near Ramji Mandir, Junagam, Tal. Songadh, Pincode : 394 670 SONGADH TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000016 CHALTHAN Chalthan Sugar Campus, Ta.Palsana , Pincode : 394 305 CHALTHAN SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000018 KADOD Kadod Madhi Road, Tal. Bardoli, Pincode : 394 335 KADOD SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000027 VARAD BRANCH New Holi Falia, At & Post Varad, Tal. Bardoli, Pincode : 394 355 VARAD SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000035 BHAMANIYA Mahuva Sugar Factory Campus, Tal. Mahuva, Pincode : 394 246 BAMANIYA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000047 BAJIPURA Bajipura ?_ Valod Raod, Bajipura Charrashta, Tal. Valod, Pincode : 394 690 BAJIPURA TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000049 VALVADA Mahuva Anaval Road, Opp. Hanuman Temple, Main Bazara, Tal. Mahuva, Pincode : 394248 VALVADA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000052 SARBHON Vaid Falia, At & Post Sarbhon, Tal. Bardoli, Pincode : 394 350 SARBHON SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000061 KARJAN Karjan Seva Sahkari Mandli Ltd, Campus 1st Floor, Above Telephone Exchange, Pincode : 394 155 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000073 PITHADRA 229, At And Post Pithadra, Taluka Dolvan VYARA TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000081 VANKAL Apmc Compound, At And Post Vankal, Taluka Mangrol SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000085 ANAND MAHAL ROAD Ground Floor, Shop No 1, 2, 3, Manisha Apartment, Near Sneh Sankul Wadi, Anand Mahal Road, Pin 395005 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000001 RTGS HO Kanpith, Near Chautapool, Pincode : 395003 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000002 BARDOLI CITY Sardar Chowk, Ta Bardoli, 394601 BARDOLI SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000003 MANDVI Shetan Street, Main Road, Tal. Mandvi, Pincode : 394 160 MANDVI SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000004 MADHI 1/142, Main Road, Main Bazar, Tal. Bardoli, Pincode : 394 340 MADHI SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000005 OLPAD Olpad, Zampa Falia, Tal. Olpad, Pincode : 394 540 OLPAD SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000006 VYARA Surti Bazar, Bank Road, Tal.Vyara, Pincode : 394 650 VYARA TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000007 KOSAMBA Nava Bazar, Tal. Mangrol, Pincode : 694 120 KOSAMBA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000009 MAHUVA Parsi Wad, Tal. Mahuva, Pincode : 394 250 MAHUVA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000010 NIZAR Nizar, Near Apmc Market, Tal. Nizer, Pincode : 394 370 NIZAR TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000011 KATHOR Nani Karnbi Wad, At & Post ?_ Kathor, Tal. Kamrej, Pincode : 394 150 KATHOR SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000012 BARDOLI STATION ?Labdhikunj?_, Nr. Taluka Panchayat Office, Station Road, Tal. Bardoli, Pincode : 394 602 BARDOLI SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000013 SURAT STATION Roo Bhavan, Opp. Gabani Kidney Hospital, Lal Darwaja Station Road, Tal. Surat, Pincode : 395 003 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000014 VALOD Desai Street, Near Paragvad, Tal. Valod, Pincode : 394 640 VALOD TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000015 UCHHAL Main Bazar, At & Post Uchhchal, Tal. Uchhal, Pincode : 394 375 UCHHAL TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000017 MANGROL Station Road, Tal. Mangrol, Pincode : 394 410 MANGROL SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000019 KIM Gin Compound, Opp.Sadhana Hospital, Tal. Olpad, Pincode : 394 110 KIM SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000020 ANAVAL Station Road, Near Railway Crossing, Tal.Mahuva, Pincode : 396 510 ANAVAL SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000021 SARDARMARKET 21, 22 Golden Point, Near Suraj Cinema, Falasawadi, Ring Roadta.Suratpincode : 395 003 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000022 KARCHELIYA At & Post Karchelia, Tal. Mahuva, Pincode : 394 250 KARCHELIYA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000023 SAYAN BRANCH Shanti Complex, Sayan Sugar Road, Tal.Olpad, Pincode : 394 130 SAYAN SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000024 CHOWK BAZAR Kanjibhai Desai Samaj, Shikshan Bahvan, Opp. Musium, Chowk Bazar, Pincode : 395 003 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000025 BUHARI Talav Street, Main Road, Buhari Tal. Valod, Pincode : 394 630 BUHARI TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000026 SAGRAMPURA Haldia Sheri, Sagrampura, Pincode : 395 002 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000028 DOLVAN CHAR RASTA Dolvan Char Rashta, Tal. Vyara, Pincode : 394 635 DOLVAN TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000029 KAMREJ CHAR RASTA Kamrej Char Rasta, Tal. Kamrej, Pincode : 394 185 KAMREJ SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000030 RANDER 3/179 Abc, Ward No. 16a, Panch Hatadi , Ta: Choryasi, Pincode : 395 005 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000031 KUKARMUNDA Shivaji Chwok, Nr. Bank Of Baroda, Tal. Nizer, Pincode : 394 380 KUKARMUNDA TAPI GUJARAT
SDCB0000032 GANGADHARA Nutan Bagayat Sahakari Mandli Campus, At & Post Gangadhara, Tal. Palsana, Pincode : 394 310 GANGADHARA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000033 NANAPURA Manmandir Appartment, Opp. Surat Peoples?S Co Op. Bank Ltd., Timlayavad, Pincode : 395 001 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000034 KATARGAM Surbhi Complex, Opp. Liabery, Katargam, Pincode : 395 004 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000036 PATEL NAGAR Sumul Dairy Road, Sumul Dairy Compound, Pincode : 395 004 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000037 NAVYUG Garukrupa Building, Nr. Navyug College, Pincode : 395 009 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000038 HARIPURA Gheekata Road, Bhavani Wad, Pincode : 395 003 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000039 BHATAR Nr. Chataniya Park Society, Nr. Vashudev Arcade, Nr. Rupali Cenal, Bhatar, Pincode : 395 001 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000040 AMROLI Beside Amroli Vividha Kalyankari Sahakari Mandli Ltd., College Road, Pincode : 394 107 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000041 GHOD DOD Mazada Apt., Ground Floor, Ghod Dod Road, Pincode : 395 001 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000042 PALSANA Main Road, Tal. Palsana, Pincode : 394 315 PALSANA SURAT GUJARAT
SDCB0000044 PALGAM Nani Falia, Palgam, Ta : Horyasipincode : 391 045 SURAT SURAT GUJARAT
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