Vijaya Bank has 2299 NEFT enabled branches in India. IFSC code of VIJAYA BANK begins with VIJB.

IFSC codes and MICR details of Vijaya Bank

IFSC Branch Name Branch Address City District State
VIJB0006533 KOTDWAR Opp Wardman Dharma Kanta Naziabad Rd KOTDWAR GARHWAL UTTARAKHAND
VIJB0007550 KURALI Chandigarh Rd, Nr Gupta Hospital KURALI RUPNAGAR PUNJAB
VIJB0001003 ALPE PADIL MANGALORE Alpe Padil Mangalore, Sriram Complex, Padil Junction, Mangalore, Karnataka MANGALORE MANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001008 ARSIKERE KARNATAKA Arsikere Karnataka, P B No 42, 1558 B H Road, Arsikere, Karnataka, Karnataka ARSIKERE,KARNATAKA ARSIKERE,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001012 B C ROAD KARNATAKA B C Road Karnataka, Post Jodumarga, B C Road, Jodumarga, Karnataka, Karnataka JODUMARGA,KARNATAKA JODUMARGA,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001016 BADANIDIYOOR KARNATAKA Badanidiyoor Karnataka, Satya Deep Bldg, Badanidiyoor, Badanidiyoor, Karnataka, Karnataka BADANIDIYOOR,KARNATAKA BADANIDIYOOR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001021 BANHATTI KARNATAKA Banhatti Karnataka, No 5612 Anugraha, Thammanna Road, Banhatti, Karnataka, Karnataka BANHATTI,KARNATAKA BANHATTI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001026 BELLARE KARNATAKA Bellare Karnataka, Kumbra Ninthikal , Road Bellare, Bellare, Karnataka, Karnataka BELLARE,KARNATAKA BELLARE,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001031 BESAGARAHALLI KARNATAKA Besagarahalli Karnataka, Near Bus Stand, Besagarahalli, Besagarahalli, Karnataka, Karnataka BESAGARAHALLI,KARNATAKA BESAGARAHALLI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001033 BHATKAL KARNATAKA Bhatkal Karnataka, Sulthan Street, Bhatkal, Bhatkal, Karnataka, Karnataka BHATKAL,KARNATAKA BHATKAL,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001036 BONDEL MANGALORE Bondel Mangalore, S S Meml Complex, Bondel, Mangalore, Karnataka MANGALORE MANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001041 BYNDOOR KARNATAKA Byndoor Karnataka, P B No 1, Main Road, Byndoor, Karnataka, Karnataka BYNDOOR,KARNATAKA BYNDOOR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001044 CHANNAPATNA KARNATAKA Channapatna Karnataka, Chaya Market, M G Road, Channapatna, Karnataka, Karnataka CHANNAPATNA,KARNATAKA CHANNAPATNA,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001050 DADDI KARNATAKA Daddi Karnataka, Bhandurgi Bldg, Daddi, Daddi, Karnataka, Karnataka DADDI,KARNATAKA DADDI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001055 DAVANGERE KARNATAKA Davangere Karnataka, No 814/10, Rudrayya Complex, Davangere, Karnataka, Karnataka DAVANGERE,KARNATAKA DAVANGERE,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001060 DODDABALLAPUR KARNATAKA Doddaballapur Karnataka, Laxmi Complex, Main Road, Doddaballapur, Karnataka, Karnataka DODDABALLAPUR,KARNATAKA DODDABALLAPUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001066 SANJAYNAGAR BANGALORE Sanjaynagar Bangalore, No 17 2nd Stage, Rajmahal Vilas Extn, Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001067 GENDEHALLI KARNATAKA Gendehalli Karnataka, Belur Mudigere Road, Gendehalli, Gendehalli, Karnataka, Karnataka GENDEHALLI,KARNATAKA GENDEHALLI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001070 GOWDAGERE KARNATAKA Gowdagere Karnataka, Gowdagere, Via K R Nagar, Gowdagere, Karnataka, Karnataka GOWDAGERE,KARNATAKA GOWDAGERE,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001074 HALEBUDANUR KARNATAKA Halebudanur Karnataka, M C Road, Halebudanur, Halebudanur, Karnataka, Karnataka HALEBUDANUR,KARNATAKA HALEBUDANUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001079 HASSAN MAIN KARNATAKA Hassan Main Karnataka, P B No 46, Church Compound, Hassan, Karnataka HASSAN HASSAN KARNATAKA
VIJB0001083 HIREBYLE KARNATAKA Hirebyle Karnataka, 1/72 Main Road, Hirebyle, Hirebyle, Karnataka, Karnataka HIREBYLE,KARNATAKA HIREBYLE,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001087 HOSABETTU KARNATAKA Hosabettu Karnataka, No 1087, Main Road, Hosabettu, Karnataka, Karnataka HOSABETTU,KARNATAKA HOSABETTU,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001093 INFANTRY ROAD BANGALORE Infantry Road Bangalore, No 23/24, Infantry Road, Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001098 JEPPU MANGALORE Jeppu Mangalore, No 24/20/1610, Marnamikatte, Mangalore, Karnataka MANGALORE MANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001102 KAIKAMBA KARNATAKA Kaikamba Karnataka, M'Lore Karkala Road, Kaikamba, Kaikamba, Karnataka, Karnataka KAIKAMBA,KARNATAKA KAIKAMBA,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001104 KALATHUR KARNATAKA Kalathur Karnataka, Kalathur, Via Kaup, Kalathur, Karnataka, Karnataka KALATHUR,KARNATAKA KALATHUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001108 KANDLUR KARNATAKA Kandlur Karnataka, Near Bridge, Kandlur, Kandlur, Karnataka, Karnataka KANDLUR,KARNATAKA KANDLUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001113 KASARAKOD KARNATAKA Kasarakod Karnataka, Kasarakod, Honnavar Tq, Kasarakod, Karnataka, Karnataka KASARAKOD,KARNATAKA KASARAKOD,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001118 K G ROAD BANGALORE K G Road Bangalore, P B No 9934, No 34 1st Floor, Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001122 KOLIWAD KARNATAKA Koliwad Karnataka, Panchayat Bldg, Koliwad, Koliwad, Karnataka, Karnataka KOLIWAD,KARNATAKA KOLIWAD,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001127 KORANGRAPADY KARNATAKA Korangrapady Karnataka, Korangrapady, Via Udyavar, Korangrapady, Karnataka, Karnataka KORANGRAPADY,KARNATAKA KORANGRAPADY,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001131 KUPPEPADAVU KARNATAKA Kuppepadavu Karnataka, 1st Floor Anvitha Arcade, Kelinger Village, Kup, Mangalore T Q, Kuppepadavu, Karnataka, Karnataka KUPPEPADAVU,KARNATAKA KUPPEPADAVU,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001137 MAHALINGPUR KARNATAKA Mahalingpur Karnataka, No 4/994, High School Road, Mahalingpur, Karnataka, Karnataka MAHALINGPUR,KARNATAKA MAHALINGPUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001139 MALLESHWARAM BANGALORE Malleshwaram Bangalore, # 16, Nanjudeshwara Complex, , 10th Cross, Sampige Road, , Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001144 MARAGODU KARNATAKA Maragodu Karnataka, Maragodu, Madikeri Taluk, Maragodu, Karnataka, Karnataka MARAGODU,KARNATAKA MARAGODU,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001149 MOODABIDRI KARNATAKA Moodabidri Karnataka, P B No 8, Near New Bus Stand, Moodabidri, Karnataka, Karnataka MOODABIDRI,KARNATAKA MOODABIDRI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001155 NAGAPPA BLOCK BANGALORE Nagappa Block Bangalore, No.61, Mkk Road, Near Devayya Park, Srirama Puram, Nagappa Block, Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001160 NAVALGUND KARNATAKA Navalgund Karnataka, No 1550, P S H Building, Navalgund, Karnataka, Karnataka NAVALGUND,KARNATAKA NAVALGUND,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001165 NIREBAILUR KARNATAKA Nirebailur Karnataka, Nirebailur, Post Bailur, Nirebailur, Karnataka, Karnataka NIREBAILUR,KARNATAKA NIREBAILUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001170 PANAMBUR MANGALORE Panambur Mangalore, Market Yard Annexe, New M'Lore Port Trust, Mangalore, Karnataka MANGALORE MANGALORE KARNATAKA
VIJB0001174 PERDOOR KARNATAKA Perdoor Karnataka, Car Street, Perdoor, Perdoor, Karnataka, Karnataka PERDOOR,KARNATAKA PERDOOR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001176 POLIBETTA KARNATAKA Polibetta Karnataka, Polibetta, Virajpet Taluk, Polibetta, Karnataka, Karnataka POLIBETTA,KARNATAKA POLIBETTA,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001181 RANEBENNUR KARNATAKA Ranebennur Karnataka, P B No 30, 431/B 1 Station Road, Ranebennur, Karnataka, Karnataka RANEBENNUR,KARNATAKA RANEBENNUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001186 SAKLESHPUR KARNATAKA Sakleshpur Karnataka, Vanijya Bhavan Bldg, B M Road, Sakleshpur, Karnataka, Karnataka SAKLESHPUR,KARNATAKA SAKLESHPUR,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001192 SAUNSHI KARNATAKA Saunshi Karnataka, Market Road, Saunshi, Saunshi, Karnataka, Karnataka SAUNSHI,KARNATAKA SAUNSHI,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001197 SHIRVA KARNATAKA Shirva Karnataka, Shirva, Udupi Taluk, Shirva, Karnataka, Karnataka SHIRVA,KARNATAKA SHIRVA,KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
VIJB0001201 WEST OF CHORD ROAD BLORE West Of Chord Road Blore, No 12 1st Main, 2nd Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka BANGALORE BANGALORE KARNATAKA
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