Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!

Indians being natural savers they generally “save” a part of their monthly income whatever they are earning, but it is sufficient now and in future? What people are forgetting is the wealth destroyer- “Inflation”, without assuming future inflation our current investments won’t suffice to meet your long-term goals. Earlier people save their hard-earned money inContinue reading “Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!”

Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes

Even though the ultimate goal of investing is to earn “profit” investors reaction to various asset classes are unique. This is due to psychological behaviour of the investor’s mindset. In investing “Risk Taking Capacity” plays a distinct role. Broadly investors are classified as- Conservative Investors (who can’t take risk) Moderate Investors(Can bear risk to someContinue reading “Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes”

As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount

Many of us like to spend money on New Year Parties, Birthday Celebrations etc. Though it is not a bad one, what we all are ignoring is “Inflation”. As years passby inflation increases and it still continues even after your income stops(During Retirement) What we have to remember is – As we are welcoming newContinue reading “As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount”

Best Time To Start Investing

Some investors wait for the “Right Time To Invest” but actually when the markets corrects, they panic and redeem their existing investments too in a caution mode. It is the natural tendency of the investors. Some investors earns money irrespective of the market conditions. Remaining investors claim that they are “Lucky” to earn so. ButContinue reading “Best Time To Start Investing”

Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is not as simple as watching a T.V, infact we fight for watching T.V Channels between our housemates. While we have lot of T.V channels, some of us like sports channel, some likes serials, some likes news while some prefer reality shows. All the modes are available in T.V itself just we haveContinue reading “Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation”

Are You Investing in Crypto Currencies? Hold On! Central Government is Going To Ban Crypto Currencies Sooner

The much hype created investment instrument currently is nothing but”Crypto Currency”. As this investment vehicle has no technical and fundamental analysis, this instrument has no leaps and bounds. It has delivered more than 300-500% returns of which no other investment vehicle gives such returns. Analysts warns investors to be cautious while investing in cryptos asContinue reading “Are You Investing in Crypto Currencies? Hold On! Central Government is Going To Ban Crypto Currencies Sooner”

How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?

We all save money for our future needs, but saving alone won’t suffice in these highly inflationary days. Though you may accept or not your earning capacity is limited where the inflation rate is around 8-9% per annum in India. It is fact that we can’t control inflation, but it is in our hands toContinue reading “How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?”

Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!

There is lot of noise in the media that SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is one-stop solution to all of your financial needs! Yes SIP is a wonderful tool to achieve your goals, No Doubt about it! But are you fully dependent on SIP’s for your life goals? Read the full story! Don’t rely fully on Sip’s–Continue reading “Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!”

If You Have Patience To Hold Your Investments For Long Term, No One Could Stop You From Being Rich

In todays fast changing world, every thing is being done instantly! Instant Job Change, Instant Success, Instant Decisions, Instant Financial Plans; All are instant! But do you agree that a plant would grow in months after seed sowing and reap the fruits instantly! Your child grows to 6 inches when he was 6 Years! YouContinue reading “If You Have Patience To Hold Your Investments For Long Term, No One Could Stop You From Being Rich”

Warren Buffet Won’t Be Like That! Then Why We Should Be?

Warren Buffet is well-known name in investment world! His principles and preachings are followed by many upcoming investors even today! We all know that warren buffet is one of the wealthiest persons in the world, but when you closely observe him- He leads simple life- lives in old building since decades He never appoints aContinue reading “Warren Buffet Won’t Be Like That! Then Why We Should Be?”