Let Power Of Compounding Works in Favour Of You

The one thing that most of the investors neglects is “Giving time to their investments”. If you start investing early and hold-on the investments for long term, you will be benefitted with “Power of Compounding” What is Power of Compounding?– Compounding means adding interest to the principle and re-invests the accumlated corpus till the endContinue reading “Let Power Of Compounding Works in Favour Of You”

Investing Tips For Beginners

Investing is a long journey. One should sail through the crests and downs of the investment process! To benefit from the “Power of Compounding” one should start investing early! Beginning your investment journey once you received your first pay-check is the success mantra for wealth creation! Whatever the amount may be, starting investments should beContinue reading “Investing Tips For Beginners”

PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions

We all are aware that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long-term savings tool. It is a government backed social security scheme so there is no risk associated with the capital and the interest accrued! As we all know that PPF is locked for 15 full financial years. But we can withdraw/ take loan from the existingContinue reading “PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions”

Things To Remember While Investing

Investing is a long process! One should enjoy the investing journey. But many investors do enter and exit their investments without proper reasons! If they stayed invested for long-term and treat “Volatility” as their friend, they would surely become rich in future. Common investing principles every investor should kept in mind are- Insurance Before Investing–Continue reading “Things To Remember While Investing”

Be Goal-Oriented While Investing

Investing always be Goal-Oriented. There is a saying- ” A Goal without a plan is just a wish”. There is no meaning to investing with proper financial planning. The primary agenda to financial planning must be a “goal”. Without a goal one should not commit financial plan. Financial Planning includes achieving “SMART” Goals. What areContinue reading “Be Goal-Oriented While Investing”

Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market

Due to surge in the technology, many investors/traders are opening fresh demat a/c’s and testing their luck! Although it is a welcome-note, not all investors are getting success in the stock market. Do you know the reason why? New investors are entering the market without analysing their risk profile and without understanding the basics ofContinue reading “Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market”

5 Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From MS Dhoni

It is no wonder that all cricket-lovers around the world loves Dhoni, Indian Former Captain Cum Wicket Keeper. His attitude made every Indian cricket lover to be proud for his achievements, When we closely observe him, we can learn 5 Financial Habits that make you too be a winner in your life like Dhoni’s cricketContinue reading “5 Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From MS Dhoni”

Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams

Now SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is a very popular investment term. Everyone are familiar with its pros and cons. But how many of them are doing right sip amounts to fulfill their life goals? Hardly we can count on fingers the investors who are doing right sip amounts; Do you know the reason why? Why toContinue reading “Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams”

Feeling Surprised On The Figures in The Retirement Calculator; You Can Achieve Them If You Starts Investing Early!

Some people search on retirement calculators to get an estimate of the retirement corpus they needed during retirement. But most of them get astonished on the figures in the retirement calculator and conclude that they can’t achieve that goal! But the fact is- “They Can achieve that goal by investing from an early age! ThoughContinue reading “Feeling Surprised On The Figures in The Retirement Calculator; You Can Achieve Them If You Starts Investing Early!”

Follow These Simple Steps To Earn Huge Corpus From PPF

We all know that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long term savings tool. Central Government revises its interest rates every quarter(3 Months)currently, the interest rate applicable for July-September quarter is 7.1%. It may increase or decrease in the future! If you have a strong ambition to do retirement planning through PPF, follow these simple steps toContinue reading “Follow These Simple Steps To Earn Huge Corpus From PPF”