From Hereon, Chit Funds Dealings are to be Registered Online

Chit funds are a popular saving option among housewives, retirees, businessmen etc. But very few chit fund companies are making deals in a fair and transparent way. We are seeing many companies “cheating” people by making frauds and sometimes becoming insolvent too to repay the savers money. Till Now, Chit Funds dealings are registering “Manually”Continue reading “From Hereon, Chit Funds Dealings are to be Registered Online”

How to earn huge corpus from PPF Investments

We all know PPF(Public Provident Fund) is a long term savings product. It’s duration is 15 full financial years where one can avail tax exemption up to 1.5 Lakh under section 80(C). It falls under EEE(Exemption on investment-Exemption on interest-exemption on maturity value)category. That means, no tax would be levied on the investment, interest andContinue reading “How to earn huge corpus from PPF Investments”

Value or Growth Investing; Which One You Should Opt For?

Investing has different styles- Value Investing Growth Investing Meaning of Value Investing– Value Investing refers to identifying the companies that are “Undervalued”, but has the potential to grow in the future. Generally value investing stocks are cheaper as they are undervalued. The investor has to estimate the future growth in the company and take decisionContinue reading “Value or Growth Investing; Which One You Should Opt For?”