Are You Looking To Buy a Car? Hurry! Your Dream Car Might Be Costlier in The Coming Months !

In olden days having a car is a “Luxury”, but now it is a “Need”. This generation is keen to have a car as their “Status” symbol. Youth are fulfilling their dream car in the early stages of their careers. If you are one looking to purchase a car in the coming months? Hurry! AllContinue reading “Are You Looking To Buy a Car? Hurry! Your Dream Car Might Be Costlier in The Coming Months !”

Do You Want To Invest in LIC IPO? LIC Advises To Update Pan Before Applying

It is well-known that the central government proposes to launch LIC IPO(Initial Public Offering) where 10% of the shares are to be allotted to the policy holders. It was the proposal by the central government to disinvest 1.75 Lakh crores in this financial year. In this regard this IPO has gained significance. As per theContinue reading “Do You Want To Invest in LIC IPO? LIC Advises To Update Pan Before Applying”

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Review

Parag Parikh is a mid-sized asset management company with a limited schemes. Though there are few schemes handled by this amc, it takes extreme care in managing investors money. An unique feature of parag parikh amc is – “The AMC itself invests in the schemes they handled”. This shows the way it takes care inContinue reading “Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Review”

3 Qualities To Be Developed To Become Wealthy in Life

Everyone wants to be wealthy, but due to their financial obligations and habits they were unable to become wealthy. Will they have to live poor forever? No! By following these 3 simple steps(which can be easily implemented)you will become wealthy gradually. By Mingling with Rich Mindset– There is a saying ” A Man is knownContinue reading “3 Qualities To Be Developed To Become Wealthy in Life”

SBI Contra Fund Review

For those who prefer contraian view(Opposite view of the market trend)SBI Contra Fund is a good bet. The fund manager follows contraian trend of “buying when the market is at low point” and “Selling when the market is at peak levels” So there is a risk associated with it, even though it may rewards mostContinue reading “SBI Contra Fund Review”

SBI Focused Equity Fund Review

SBI Focused Equity Fund is one of the top-most focused fund with long track record. It is a consistent performer witnessing bear and bull phases in its investment journey. Investors who stayed in this fund would earn huge profits. This fund rewards investors who stayed invested in bear phases and continues to hold till theContinue reading “SBI Focused Equity Fund Review”

Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages

Every individual who are livving on this earth needs “Money”. Whatever the currency may be the world is revolving around “Money”. Infact Popular sociologist Karl Marx Recalls- “Human Relations are all Financial Relations”. That’s the “Power of Money” To survive in this world, everyone needs “Money”. So we shouldn’t ignore such relevant instrument. For thatContinue reading “Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages”

Don’t Procrastinate, Start Investing Early

Today’s Youth are getting lakhs of money in their early stages of their career, isn’t it? But when we closely observe their lifestyle, they like to be in “consumption mode” rather than “savings mode”. EvenThough their elders warns them to save and invest their money for future, most of them fall on deaf ears! ThisContinue reading “Don’t Procrastinate, Start Investing Early”

Nearing Your Goal? Moveon Your Investments To Safer Assets Gradually

Some investors invests with a “Goal” in mind, obviously it is the right method to do. But due to greed factor that their investments would increase further, they neglects to do proper asset allocation. Even though holding investments for long term would do “magic”to your investments, it is not the right way to wait forContinue reading “Nearing Your Goal? Moveon Your Investments To Safer Assets Gradually”