When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

Today almost 90% of the Indians are aware of mutual funds; Thanks to “Mutual Fund- Sahi Hai” campaign by Amfi. As a part of investors awareness sessions many amc’s(mutual fund houses)are creating awareness on mutual fund sip’s(Systematic Investment Plans) Because of the interactive sessions conducting by amc’s many retail investors are investing through sip route.Continue reading “When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio”

From Now Onwards Mutual Fund Companies Have To Disclose Statutory Disclaimer in Detail

We all aware of the mutual fund compaigns disclosing statutory disclaimer in a hurry. Even in the advertisment”Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” campaign it is intended to attract investors rather than informing the risks involved in the form of statutory disclaimer. Central Minister Piyush Goyal objects this activity. He instructed all the amc’s to disclose statutoryContinue reading “From Now Onwards Mutual Fund Companies Have To Disclose Statutory Disclaimer in Detail”

HSBC AMC To Acquire L&T Mutual Fund

It is common in India to acquire trending organisation’s businesses by another firm with a view to expand their business nationwide. Many deals have been done at an “attractive prices” in the past and now it’s the turn of HSBC Asset Management Company. HSBC amc has AUM(Assets Under Management)of over 11,700 crores and with anContinue reading “HSBC AMC To Acquire L&T Mutual Fund”

Right Time To Exit From The Mutual Funds

Most of the investors invests in mutual funds with a “Goal in Mind”. But due to uncontrollable emotions they randomly enter and exit mutual funds frequently. That “uncontrollable Emotions” are- Greed and Fear When the market is in bull run they invests more with “Greed” in anticipation of their investment growth but when the marketContinue reading “Right Time To Exit From The Mutual Funds”

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Review

Parag Parikh is a mid-sized asset management company with a limited schemes. Though there are few schemes handled by this amc, it takes extreme care in managing investors money. An unique feature of parag parikh amc is – “The AMC itself invests in the schemes they handled”. This shows the way it takes care inContinue reading “Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Review”

SBI Contra Fund Review

For those who prefer contraian view(Opposite view of the market trend)SBI Contra Fund is a good bet. The fund manager follows contraian trend of “buying when the market is at low point” and “Selling when the market is at peak levels” So there is a risk associated with it, even though it may rewards mostContinue reading “SBI Contra Fund Review”

SBI Focused Equity Fund Review

SBI Focused Equity Fund is one of the top-most focused fund with long track record. It is a consistent performer witnessing bear and bull phases in its investment journey. Investors who stayed in this fund would earn huge profits. This fund rewards investors who stayed invested in bear phases and continues to hold till theContinue reading “SBI Focused Equity Fund Review”

Quant Tax Plan Fund Review

When a thought comes to tax saving, ELSS(Equity Linked Savings Scheme)will be the first priority to many as it has high return potential along with lowest lock-in of 3 years. ELSS has the capability to deliver superior returns than any other tax saving instrument as they invest in equities(shares)with a little bit risk component inContinue reading “Quant Tax Plan Fund Review”

Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Review

In the recent times, ELSS(Equity Linked Savings Schemes) are becoming popular due to various marketing campaigns by AMC’s(Asset Management Companies)and AMFI’s “Mutual Fund sahi hai” campaign. We are going to discuss about Canara Robeco, the 2nd oldest AMC’s ELSS Scheme- “Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver”; a tax saving instrument with lock-in of 3 years CanaraContinue reading “Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Review”

ELSS Significance and its Tax Implicability

Equity Linked Savings Schemes(ELSS) allows tax exemption up to 1.5 Lakh per financial year. They are becoming more popular due to its lowest lock-in of 3 years. That Means, the investor can’t redeem the corpus in the interim, he can only redeem after completion of 3 years, The same applies to SIP too! As everyContinue reading “ELSS Significance and its Tax Implicability”