SEBI Ordered Kotak AMC not to issue FMP’s for 6 Months

We all know that Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) supervises and regulates the activities of stock market participants. Sebi has the right to take action against any intermediary; stock market participant and on any AMC; if they found any violations. SEBI has the right to withheld the AMC’s activities; It was done recently inContinue reading “SEBI Ordered Kotak AMC not to issue FMP’s for 6 Months”

How To Select a Good Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisors are those who are specialists in the financial world. They are aware of various investment avenues- their pros and cons in detail. Besides this, They are Qualified Professionals who knows the taxation rules of the investment options. In today’s digital era, everyone are searching Google for investment options. But the drawback with itContinue reading “How To Select a Good Financial Advisor?”

Need of a Financial Advisor

Every individual has unique set of goals in their day-to-day life. But not everyone are aware of the ways to reach them!There comes the need of financial advisor, who have decades of experience in their respective fields. They can handle customers financial requirements by suggesting the best modes to reach their financial goals within theContinue reading “Need of a Financial Advisor”

RBI Revises Bank Lockers Terms and Conditions

We all have “Lockers” in Banks to safeguard our gold ornaments and documents. Customers have to abide by the terms and conditions enclosed in the “Locker Agreement” They are subject to revise from time-to-time. Recently RBI amended the rules on lockers which would come into effect from 2022, January 1st. The Rules amended by theContinue reading “RBI Revises Bank Lockers Terms and Conditions”

SBI alerts their Customers to Set Passwords in “Diverse” Way

India’s largest bank SBI warns their customers to protect themselves from online frauds and phishing. As Technology Grows, there are various instances that most of the Gullible people falls prey to the scammers. So SBI warns to be “Caveat Emptor”(Let the customer be aware!). So as a part of safety measures, SBI alerts their customersContinue reading “SBI alerts their Customers to Set Passwords in “Diverse” Way”

Why Taking Insurance in the Name of Your Child is not a Great Idea!

Generally, Insurance agents mis-sells child insurance plans claiming that you are preserving your child’s future by taking Insurance! But it is a mis-conception! Life insurance should be taken on the name of the bread-winner in order to protect their child in the event of his demise. The concept of Life insurance is to provide financialContinue reading “Why Taking Insurance in the Name of Your Child is not a Great Idea!”

Don’t Neglect Insurance; Insurance First and Investments Next

There are so many people in India who tend to do “Investments” to create “Wealth”. But when they are asked about their risk-coverage(Insurance)they are sound-less! It’s fact that millions of Indians neglect Insurance thinking that it wouldn’t be needed for them! They prefer Investments rather than insurance; But they don’t ever think that their investmentsContinue reading “Don’t Neglect Insurance; Insurance First and Investments Next”

Stock Market is Not Gambling; It’s a Number Game

There is a misconception in India that Stock Market investments are gambling; But the fact is that it is a Number Game. Stock Market includes “Price Value” of shares which is to be bought at “low” and “Sell at High”. But no one can predict the stock market movements which makes the investors assuming itContinue reading “Stock Market is Not Gambling; It’s a Number Game”

Are You Forgetting Your FD Maturity Dates; Here’s an Alert From RBI

As Indians are natural-savers, they Prefer to do Fixed Deposits in Banks even today. Indians treat FD’s as safe haven instead of lending money to the needy. Though lending money earns higher interest, they carries risk, if the creditor fails to repay the due amount. So Indians deposits in FD’s as they are guaranteed byContinue reading “Are You Forgetting Your FD Maturity Dates; Here’s an Alert From RBI”

Know the Difference Between “Cumulative” and “Non-Cumulative” Deposit Pay-Outs

Are you depositing Fixed Deposits(FD’s) in Banks, and are not familiar with the terms- “Cumulative and Non-Cumulative” Deposit Pay-outs, You have to know the difference between the two- Cumulative Fixed Deposit– In this type of deposits the interest is calculated “Quarterly” and paid at the time of Maturity. That means, the initial amount you haveContinue reading “Know the Difference Between “Cumulative” and “Non-Cumulative” Deposit Pay-Outs”