Instant Gold Loan through SBI “YONO” app

SBI customers face the problem of standing in long Queues for availing the services as they have huge customer-count. To reduce crowd’s in the bank premises, SBI appoints Customer Service Points(CSP’s), along with e-banking applications. SBI “YONO” app is one of them. SBI “YONO”- The one-stop solution to your Banking needs– SBI Yono allows toContinue reading “Instant Gold Loan through SBI “YONO” app”

PPF – A Long Term Saving Tool

PPF stands for Public Provident Fund. It is an government-sponsored saving instrument which helps to plan for retirement, children’s education, marriage etc. The Tenure for PPF is 15 Financial Years(16 Years excluding PPF Starting year). As-of-now it comes under “EEE”(Tax Exemption on invested amount, interest amount, maturity amount). Besides this, the saver can claim taxContinue reading “PPF – A Long Term Saving Tool”

Bank FD vs Corporate FD; Which is Better?

By nature, Indians are natural savers. It has proved several times. They prefer traditional saving instruments like Fixed Deposits(FD’s), Chits, Recurring Deposits(RD’s) etc to any other saving instruments. The main reason for this is they are backed by government institutions and are in practice for several years. Though Indians are slowly routing to risky instrumentsContinue reading “Bank FD vs Corporate FD; Which is Better?”

FD Versus RD;Which is Better?

Banks are to be utilized to save a portion of money instead of lying money in cup-boards, shelves etc as they don’t appreciate money, Infact they reduce the purchasing power of money as years go-by. Banks offer various small saving schemes to cultivate saving habit among the Public. Among the small saving instruments offered byContinue reading “FD Versus RD;Which is Better?”

Aware! Now NACH is Operative 24/7

Till Now Banks credits salaries, utilities, Bill payments on Bank working days i.e Monday to Friday. It is not possible to pay utility bills on weekends up to now. But Here’s a Great News for you!!. India’s central Bank RBI has instructed all the banks to implement NACH(National Automated Clearing House)24/7, 365 days a yearContinue reading “Aware! Now NACH is Operative 24/7”

Union Bank Of India – The 5th Largest PSU Bank

Union Bank Of India is a Public sector Bank with more than 101 Years History. It was founded on 1919, November 11th. Since then, it’s business has expanded widely. Presently it has presence over 9,500 Branches across India easing the customers to do hassle-free transactions. As per our Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman directives, itContinue reading “Union Bank Of India – The 5th Largest PSU Bank”

SBI, The Giant in Public Sector Banks

It is not amazing to have savings account or current account in SBI(State Bank Of India) for their daily savings(which would refer to General Public)and day-to-day business transactions(For Entrepreneurs)these days. As per directives of Modi Government to have a basic account to have a bank a/c under “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana “it has reachedContinue reading “SBI, The Giant in Public Sector Banks”