List of currency symbols of all countries of world with unicode characters for website HTML

List of currency symbols of all countries of world with unicode characters for website HTML

Every country except few have their own currency and currency symbols for example. India has a currency called INR (Indian Rupee) and it has a symbol which looks like ₹.

I downloaded the list of currency symbols that each country has and have curated them. You can download these in excel or PDF for your future reference. Unicode character is standard for representing characters as integers. In layman language these are characters which represent an actual readable character. For example, INR sumbol/logo looks like ₹ and is represented by a unicode 8377. You can use this unicode to get INR symbol.

How to download list of all currency symbols with unicode in CSV, Excel or PDF?

You can download the below list of all currency symbols with unicode in excel or PDF. You need to select the table with mouse and then copy the data. Open your MS Excel spreadhseet program and paste this data.

While sourcing data for my project I faced issues, when Excel would hang by pasting data. To avoid this you can copy the data and paste in MS Word first and then copy from MS word to MS Excel. Once data is copied in MS excel, you can save data in any format including PDF, CSV.

In the below list total 104 currencies are included. Following details are available for download and viewing. Unicodes are already formated, you can directly use them on your HTML

  1. Name of currency
  2. Currency Short symbol
  3. Currency symbol/mark
  4. Unicode
Sl. No. Currency Currency full name Symbol Unicode
1 AFN Afghani ؋ ؋
2 ALL Lek Lek Lek
3 ANG Netherlands Antillean guilder ƒ ƒ
4 ARS Argentine Peso $ $
5 AUD Australian Dollar $ $
6 AWG Aruban Florin ƒ ƒ
7 AZN Azerbaijan Manat ₼
8 BAM Convertible Mark KM KM
9 BBD Barbados Dollar $ $
10 BGN Bulgarian Lev лв лв
11 BMD Bermudian Dollar $ $
12 BND Brunei Dollar $ $
13 BOB boliviano $b $b
14 BRL Brazilian Real R$ R$
15 BSD Bahamian Dollar $ $
16 BTC Bitcoin Ƀ Ƀ
17 BWP Pula P P
18 BYN Belarusian Ruble Br Br
19 BZD Belize Dollar BZ$ BZ$
20 CAD Canadian Dollar $ $
21 CHF Swiss Franc CHF CHF
22 CLP Chilean Peso $ $
23 CNY Yuan Renminbi ¥ ¥
24 COP Colombian Peso $ $
25 CRC Costa Rican Colon ₡
26 CUP Cuban Peso ₱
27 CZK Czech koruna (pl. koruny) Kč
28 DKK Danish Krone kr kr
29 DOP Dominican peso RD$ RD$
30 EGP Egyptian Pound £ £
31 EUR Euro €
32 FJD Fiji Dollar $ $
33 FKP Falkland Islands pound £ £
34 GBP pound sterling £ £
35 GHS Ghana Cedi ¢ ¢
36 GIP Gibraltar Pound £ £
37 GTQ Quetzal Q Q
38 GYD Guyana Dollar $ $
39 HKD Hong Kong Dollar $ $
40 HNL Lempira L L
41 HRK Kuna kn kn
42 HUF Forint Ft Ft
43 IDR Rupiah Rp Rp
44 ILS New Israeli Sheqel ₪
45 INR Indian Rupee ₹
46 IRR Iranian rial ﷼
47 ISK Iceland Krona kr kr
48 JMD Jamaican Dollar J$ J$
49 JPY Yen ¥ ¥
50 KGS Som лв лв
51 KHR Riel ៛
52 KPW North Korean won (inv.) ₩
53 KRW South Korean won (inv.) ₩
54 KYD Cayman Islands dollar $ $
55 KZT Tenge лв лв
56 LAK kip (inv.) ₭
57 LBP Lebanese Pound £ £
58 LKR Sri Lanka Rupee ₨
59 LRD Liberian Dollar $ $
60 MKD denar (inv.) ден ден
61 MNT Tugrik ₮
62 MUR Mauritius Rupee ₨
63 MXN Mexican Peso $ $
64 MYR Malaysian Ringgit RM RM
65 MZN Mozambique Metical MT MT
66 NAD Namibia Dollar $ $
67 NGN Naira ₦
68 NIO Cordoba Oro C$ C$
69 NOK Norwegian Krone kr kr
70 NPR Nepalese Rupee ₨
71 NZD New Zealand dollar $ $
72 OMR Rial Omani ﷼
73 PAB Balboa B/. B/.
74 PEN Sol S/. S/.
75 PHP Philippine peso ₱
76 PKR Pakistan Rupee ₨
77 PLN Zloty zł
78 PYG Guarani Gs Gs
79 QAR Qatari Rial ﷼
80 RON Romanian Leu lei lei
81 RSD Serbian Dinar Дин. Дин.
82 RUB rouble ₽
83 SAR Saudi Riyal ﷼
84 SBD Solomon Islands Dollar $ $
85 SCR Seychelles Rupee ₨
86 SEK Swedish Krona kr kr
87 SGD Singapore Dollar $ $
88 SHP Saint Helena pound £ £
89 SOS Somali Shilling S S
90 SRD Surinam Dollar $ $
91 SVC El Salvador Colon $ $
92 SYP Syrian pound £ £
93 THB Baht ฿ ฿
94 TRY Turkish Lira ₺
95 TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TT$ TT$
96 TWD new Taiwan dollar NT$ NT$
97 UAH Hryvnia ₴
98 USD US Dollar $ $
99 UYU Peso Uruguayo $U $U
100 UZS Uzbekistan Sum лв лв
101 VND dong ₫
102 XCD East Caribbean Dollar $ $
103 YER Yemeni Rial ﷼
104 ZAR Rand R R

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